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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Claire kneels down to her uncle and gently touches his forehead. "I didn't even get to know you. You're the only one that made me feel safe. I thought you were like me." She starts to cry a little bit, but then she feels the back of his head, where the glass is, and suddenly, she appears to get an idea. She turns his head to the right and finds the shard and pulls it out. The second the glass is free from his head, his eyes clear up and he comes immediately back to life, coughing and gasping for air. Ma Petrelli and Nathan's embrace is interrupted and she comes running in. Peter sits up. "You saved my life," he says to Claire. "Guess we're even now," she says back with a smile. Awwww. He touches the side of her face. AWWWW.

Later that day, Peter stands in front of a window, looking at the glass that had so recently been embedded in his head. "What do you do with something that killed you?" "You could put it beneath your pillow," cracks Nathan. No, Nathan! That's where his picture of YOU resides! Nathan says he doesn't know what he would have done if Peter had actually died, and Peter just coldly says that he shouldn't think about it. Death agrees with Peter, by the way, because not only has he lost the emo bangs, but his hair is slicked back and cool looking and he seems to have gained about ten pounds in hard upper body muscles. Peter was cute before, but now he's kind of wickedly hot. Ahem.

Nathan says that he doesn't know who he is without Peter, and Peter just scoffs at this. "You're Nathan Petrelli. Top of his class, valedictorian, most likely to... you're that guy with me or without me." "Who's to say I'm not all that because of you?" asks Nathan. "Most of what we are is what people expect us to be. I mean, if you take them away, nothing means anything." Peter just looks at him. "It's a good thing I can't die, then." "What?" "Oh, I got that from Claire." Heh. Nathan wonders if they can regenerate no matter what happens; like, for instance, if Peter, say, were to, I don't know, explode? Peter says it doesn't really matter. "If I go nuclear, if I blow up New York, do you know how many people are gonna die?" ".07%," says Nathan, looking not at all bothered by that figure anymore. It's like, as long as Peter has a chance at still being alive after the explosion, Nathan's not too concerned about the rest of the New York population. Well, I suppose I wouldn't be either if my brother was that hot.

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