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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Back with Matt and Ted, Matt's getting messages from Bennet telling Ted to do something with the power grid. "What does he want me to do, melt it?" Hee. Also? Ted cleans up real good. He's much less Geico Caveman and much more Abercrombie and Fitch on the dockside in this episode. Bennet tells Matt that Ted needs to produce an electromagnetic pulse, just like in The Matrix when the squiddies are coming after the Nebuchadnezzar! I... may have seen that movie fifty-three times. In a day. So Bennet tells Matt to tell Ted that he doesn't even know his own potential and that all he needs to do is focus all his energy into creating one burst. "He says don't burn hot, burn bright -- does that make sense?" asks Matt. "Did he say anything else?" asks Ted. Matt looks up. "He said I shouldn't stand next to you." Matt backs off as Ted gets this hilarious look on his face like, "Oh, great. So you shouldn't stand next to ME, but then I have to burn bright not hot. WHATEVER."

But Ted gamely starts to concentrate and there's a small burst of electricity from his hands. He looks surprised. Then he concentrates some more and WHAM! There's a huge burst of blue electricity that waves over him, past Matt, and through he building. The power goes out. Ted's like, "Dude! Rock it! Let's go!" But Matt says they have to get Bennet out. Ted's not fond of that idea. Matt's like, "Without him, WE WOULDN'T BE FREE. So get rid of the chip on your shoulder and come help me get Bennet outta here!" Ted thinks they should let Bennet die in there, but Matt says he's the only person who might be able to take the OWI down, so maybe they should consider getting him out. Ted claims that he doesn't have a life, so why should he fight for someone else's, and Matt throws him up against a wall and says that he's always talking about wanting to die, but yet he keeps fighting like hell to live, so he must WANT to live and if he does, then they need Bennet. Ted's like, "Um. Okay then. Let's go!" Half a second later, the door to Bennet's cell opens up and Bennet looks up at them. "That went better than I expected!" he cheerfully greets them. Hee.

Petrelli Palace. Nathan enters and calls out for his mother. She calmly responds from the sitting room. Nathan walks in and sees Peter, laid out on the bench. He drops to his knees and immediately embraces his brother, crying into his neck. "He's not supposed to die this way," he sobs. "He isn't supposed to die this way." DAMMIT! More tissues! Nathan wonders what they're supposed to do now and Ma Petrelli, ever the strategist, claims that they hide it until after the election. Nathan's like, "Wow. This is too much, even for YOU, Ma." He says it doesn't matter anymore because Peter's dead and he's not having this conversation. Just then, Claire walks in. Nathan looks up. "... Claire?" "I know you don't want me here. I just want to see him. I came all this way." "Let the girl have her moment," says Ma Petrelli. Nathan releases his brother and he and his mother leave the room.

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