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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way
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Previously on Heroes: The show went on hiatus, but only after teasing us with Sylar stapling Mohinder to the ceiling, Peter getting his emo bangs sliced off by Sylar, Claire meeting her grand-mère Madame Petrelli, and Nathan meeting the elusive Linderman, as played by one Malcolm "I'm not really creepy, I was just born this way" McDowell. Oh, and Hiro got his stupid-ass sword and used it to go into the stupid-ass future with Ando, only to discover that the bomb went off anyway and they must have failed at one or more of their stupid-ass tasks.

Because Mohinder's busy being stapled to the ceiling, Linderman kindly steps in to deliver the voice-over for this episode. He says that people think he collects art, but what he really collects are lives, fixed in paint. We see Isaac painting and get a time-capsule series of shots that show his heroin needle, paints, and paintings. I'm probably going to just tell you what Linderman says during this previouslys segment because man, they've been off the air since 1972 and this entire thing is just a whole lot of exposition in a teeny tiny space of time. It's very well done, of course, but it's really just scenes from the last nine bajillion episodes tied together by Isaac's paintings and Linderman's voice over.

At any rate, Linderman goes on to say that Sylar's a monster who has lived to kill again, and that Niki is so protective of Micah that she fractured her own soul to take care of him. Well, now, that's an angle that hasn't occurred to me before. And while we're waiting for Linderman to drop yet another startling observation onto the voice-over, we get a miniscule scene between D.L. and Niki that has never shown up in any episode ever. And I checked. It's basically D.L. demanding to know whether it's Niki or Jessica who's in control and Niki just whispers that she doesn't know. When the hell was THAT supposed to happen? Or is it happening now? Because I thought these were supposed to be previouslys? Huh?

Whatever -- most of what Linderman says in this voice over is really just narrative-speak and doesn't have a lot of bearing on the rest of the episode. We get a replay of Candice as Mrs. Bennet, and Claire meeting Ma Petrelli, and Matt telling Evil Eric Roberts that HRG doesn't know where Claire is, and Hiro getting his stupid-ass sword and diving into the future. "All perfect moments, frozen in time," says Linderman. "Alone, each tells a single story. Together, they can tell the future."

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