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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?
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Previously on Heroes: Hiro made out with Yaeko and broke the time/space continuum. The Company developed a superpower vaccine that was more like a virus, and Mohinder worried that it would mutate into an incontrollable plague. Claire and West played a nasty trick on a heinous cheertator. The Wonderless Twins finally made it to America with their hot hitchhiker Sylar. Peter and Caitlin flew to Montreal where they received a note from some guy named Adam informing them that the ElderHeroes are evil, and then Peter squinted and he and his lassie wound up in a deserted New York, circa 2008.

We begin this episode back in Japan, 1671, and I cannot WAIT for the end of this particular storyline. Hiro's being held captive via the opium-suckage method. Kensei's keeping him in a tent along with Yaeko and her father. Yaeko pleads with Kensei to let Hiro go, but her former paramour is all, "Yeah, no. Not so much. Also? White Beard gave me Hiro and half the country and YOU as my princess, so you might want to keep it down, there, sweetheart." Yaeko swears she'll never be his girl because she loves Hiro. Kensei's not only bitter about this, he's getting kind of drunk on the power of being a bad-ass superhero, so he just declares that he's going to change history and walks out.

Odessa Warehouse of FuturePaintings. Bennet's taking a bunch of pictures of the paintings for posterity and we finally see the one that we couldn't see last week: it's of Peter, standing in front of a window with a backwards biohazard sign on it. Bennet calls Mohinder in New York and asks if The Company has given him a gun. Mohinder's all, "Muh?" Bennet says that he's found the paintings and that one of them prominently features Mohinder with a broken nose pointing a smoking Company gun. I totally thought that was Sylar or Peter in the painting, not Mohinder, but now that I get a good look at the perma-stubble, yeah, it's totally Mohinder.

Mohinder asserts that he doesn't have a gun. Bennet says he needs Mohinder's help to interpret the paintings because they're "all random." But...they're numbered, dude. That's...not random. Bennet says he's going to forward the digital images to Mohinder, but Mohinder's all, "No no nonononono! Don't do that! I have a partner now! And by 'partner,' I mean, 'warden.'" He says that The Company no longer trusts him (did they ever?), and Bennet just says that his family is in danger and this makes the light bulb go on over Mohinder's head because he now realizes that Bennet thinks he's expendable. Especially since he shows up in a painting with a smoking gun and Bennet shows up with...a bullet in his eyeball. "We were supposed to take down the company together," says Mo angrily, "but I don't know WHAT your agenda is anymore." Niki shows up just then and says that Tobby needs to see them. Mohinder hangs up and Bennet takes a match to the paintings.

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