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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Klinko's. Bennet's enjoying his coffee break, but Pube-Stache thinks it's about time the break was OVER. Bennet thinks Pube-Stache should maybe stop harassing him and make better use of his time, say, collating TPS reports or something. Pube-Stache continues to needle Bennet, saying there's a line of customers out front, even though there isn't, and Bennet calmly says he's going to finish his coffee, thanks. Pube-Stache steps WAY over the line and pokes his finger in Bennet's face, telling him to get on the floor. "Do you hear me?" "Oh, I hear you," says Bennet, grabbing Pube-Stache's finger in his fist and twisting him around so that the guy's flat on his back on the table. Awesome. "Now hear me," says Bennet. "I am through eating your crap. From now on I will work how and when I feel like it. I will take breaks when I want to. And you will not say one damn word to me ever again. Understand?" Boy howdy does he EVER understand!

1671. The Year of the Hot Blond Samurai. Hiro's trying to work it all out in his head, the whole Kensei-being-a-white-guy thing. Kensei goes off to take leak and explains the meaning of his name: Saint Sword. He chose it to instill fear in his opponents. He thought of it when he came over from England. "You ah Engrish?!" says Hiro in surprise. Kensei's ecstatic that he's finally met someone who speaks his mother tongue. He explains that he came over on a tea boat and wound up staying to make his fortune. He gets paid to fight off bandits and such. Hiro's horrified; his hero does not fight for money! He fights for honor! Kensei's like, "Not a lot of bank in honor, dude." He tells Hiro that he hired that impersonator to distract the warriors in the field so that he could climb up a tree and make an easy target out of all the men. Hiro thinks this is fighting dirty, and he's disgusted. Kensei begs to differ, saying that he thinks it's fighting smart. "I give him a fair wage! If he lives!" Heh. Hiro stops him, saying that he comes from the future and that he read tales of Kensei's triumphs as a boy. He killed some bear, fell in love with some guy's daughter, and saved the village of Otsu. That's when Hiro realizes that the village in the distance is on fire. The village of Otsu. Looks like Hiro's interference with Kensei led to the destruction of the village he was supposed to have saved. Oopsy.

Superroof of Superheroes. Ando and Kaito are on the roof, discussing how Kaito's going to die. Ando asks who sent the message and Kaito says that it could be any one of "them." Ando asks who "them" are but Kaito doesn't say, noting only that they're all really superpowerful. Kaito tells Ando to leave, that he's not safe. Ando says he'll stay and fight, thanks. Kaito thinks fast and tells Ando to go get him a sword, then. He's clearly sending Ando on a fool's errand to get him out of the way. Ando goes to leave, running into Ma Petrelli on the way out. She's crying and asks to see Kaito's photo. She holds it up to her own and we see that they were actually standing next to each other in the original photo, which has been ripped in half. Angela thinks someone's playing a joke, but Kaito doesn't think so. He thinks someone's systematically killing them off. There are only nine remaining, he says. He goes on to say that he thinks someone is enacting revenge upon them all for the people they killed in the name of their beliefs. He sought redemption by helping his son achieve his quest. "How did you help your son?" he asks, eliciting a look of bitter contemplation from Angela. She smacks him across the face. Ando, not having left yet, sees this and then runs off because angry grandmas with a penchant for smacking a bitch up really scare him. Angela turns to run away. Kaito calls after her. He tells her he's leaving for Japan that night and that she should disappear as well.

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