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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Claire's New School. Claire's in gym class, watching longingly as the cheerleaders practice in another area. She's so absorbed that she almost misses a shot in her badminton game. Her partner eats some floor after diving for a shot and the head cheertator totally starts giving her shit. Claire immediately jumps to her partner's defense, helping her to her feet. Claire runs to get the birdie and comes in contact with West, who calls her a robot. Claire's like, "What, so now I'm a robot? You're a jackass. Now that we all have our labels..." He brings up the fact that she knew the answer in class but didn't say anything, and rightly suggests that she doesn't want people to know how smart she is. She's about as irritated by him as I am, so she just walks away.

The Cheertator is giving Claire's partner some shit, trying to cajole her into leaping off the jump tower. Claire walks up and intervenes, telling the cheertator to leave her alone. The cheertator then challenges Claire to do it and, because Claire's a competitive little shit, she agrees and climbs to the top of the tower. She's about to do it when she thinks twice and stops before she performs the stunt. In the distance, West sees her and gives her a disapproving glance as if to say, "See? You really don't want people to know you're special."

Meanwhile, Molly's having nightmares again. Matt enters her room and tries to listen to her thoughts as she's tossing and turning. It's a lot of "Help me, please!" and "Don't hurt me!" and it seems like a normal nightmare until we hear a man's voice whisper, "I can see you, Molly!" Molly wakes with a start and Matt immediately holds onto her. He tells her to find the guy who's scaring her, but she says that if she does that and Matt goes after him, he'll kill Matt and Molly doesn't want that to happen. He promises that no one's going to get killed and then he soothes her out of her nightmare.

Back with Claire, she's mournfully sitting on top of the tower, ruminating on why she didn't just do the damn back flip anyway. She gets up to leave the tower, stops, and then decides to go for it. She checks to see if anyone's around first and then jumps off the tower, landing hard on her feet. Her left shin breaks beneath her and she falls down. She sets the bone with a crack and the bruise that had appeared there immediately disappears. West enters and asks her what the hell she's still doing there. She looks at him like, "Well, there's one thing I'm NOT doing and that's JUMPING OFF CHEER TOWERS!" He sees right through this and glances up, putting two and two together. He's totally onto her.

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