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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Mohinder rightly asks who the hell Tobby is to decide who lives or dies. Tobby points out that Mohinder tried to put a bullet in Sylar's brain. Mohinder's like, "THAT WAS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! HE WAS ICKY." And besides, he's totally dead (not) so he's not a threat anymore (is too). Tobby mentions that he knows that Mohinder and Parkman are hiding Molly away and raising her as any good gay fathers should: with lots of nightmares and discussions of bogeymen. Tobby wants to offer Mohinder funds for his research. Mohinder thinks his research into the plague is going to be way too expensive. Tobby turns his spoon into gold, and says that money's really not going to be an issue. "So," says Tobby as Mohinder gapes, "can we count you in?"

Cut to Parkman, in Suresh's apartment, receiving a pizza from a delivery guy. He calls Molly to dinner and she chastises him for not feeding her vegetables. Matt says he got a veggie pizza. She misses Mohinder because at least he cooks. And is hot. They carry on a rather useless conversation wherein Molly says that Matt using his mind-reading skills to pass the police test is cheating and Matt thinks it totally isn't because...Molly's drawing bad pictures during class! Way to deflect there, Parkman. Just focus on the kid's fucked-up-ness. Your unborn son is SO lucky to have you as a father. Really. Anyway, Matt pulls out her nightmare pictures and Molly's like, "I totally don't want to talk about that, 'kay?" Matt just wants to help her, but Molly doesn't want to talk about it, and illustrates this by shouting at him, something she probably normally doesn't do. She takes her pizza to her room as Matt looks down at his plate sadly because he hates vegetables and thinks they don't belong on a slice of pizza.

Honduras. Again. Some more. I'm already bored with this storyline. Maya and Alejandro are reading from Papa Suresh's book and they think he has it all figured out. They think he's found the cure for whatever ails them. Alejandro says that "it" won't happen whenever he's with Maya because he won't let "it." We don't know yet what "it" is, but I'm thinking it involves blood and eyes, don't you? The truck comes to a stop and CUNO opens the truck flap and orders Alejandro and Maya to get out of the truck. They do, and CUNO pulls Alejandro away and says that they're going to need more money for both of them to go to America; the original amount only covers them both if the sister rides up front. This idea doesn't sit well with Alejandro, but CUNO is past caring, so he starts kicking the shit out of Alejandro and then his buddy grabs Maya and flings her into the front cab and they take off, leaving Alejandro in the dust.

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