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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

1671. Hiro's just transported his hero and himself to a remote forest clearing. His hero is decidedly ungrateful and demands to know what happened. Hiro says that he saved his life and this makes the guy turn tail and run, saying that fighting "ryo" is not worth dying for and that Takezo Kensei can keep his damn money. This confuses Hiro. If he's not Takezo Kensei... Just then, the real Takezo comes around a tree with a crossbow pointed at Hiro's face. He picks up the sword the other guy dropped and tells Hiro that if he'd been able to put a sword through the chest of the samurai leader, he would have been made a very rich man. Takezo asks if Hiro's a monk, but Hiro insists he isn't; he's Takezo's biggest fan. He knows all the stories and thinks Takezo's a hero. Takezo thinks Hiro's been taking crazy pills. Takezo removes his ornate mask and reveals that he's Julian Sark! Damn, that guy NEVER dies. Hiro's again confused. He's all, "Takezo is gaijin?" Takezo's like, "I go by that name here, but I sure as hell don't go by 'hero,' lemme tell you that." Hiro: "Nerrrrrrrrrt?"


After the break, we catch up with Bennet, who's still working in paper. Only it's the Kinko's kind of paper, and his boss is a dicksmack with a moustache made from pubes. Pube-Stache gives Bennet a hard time for not installing printer cartridges and Bennet has to swallow his desire to slam the guy's head with an output tray due to his dedication to the whole un-extraordinary plan. Pube-Stache gives this whole spiel about the paper business being dog-eat-dog and how you have to WANT IT and does Bennet WANT IT? And Bennet just goes, "Yes sir," and walks away, contemplating how easy it would be to make a copy of the guy's heart while it's still beating.

Drinks with Tobolowsky seems to be more like lunch with Tobolowsky and I'm already tired of his character. And of typing "Tobolowsky." He shall henceforth be known as Tobby the Company Elf. Or "Tobby" for short. He delivers the news that The Company was formed 30 years ago by a bunch of like-minded normal people with extraordinary powers. How many bets you wanna make that Kaito and Ma Petrelli were two of those people? Tobby says that it's their job to find Heroes and protect them. "We find people and make sure they don't become dangerous," he says. Sometimes this involves teaching Heroes what they are and how to use their powers for good, not evil. Unfortunately, sometimes they're forced to, ahem, retire Heroes who may have already become a threat to themselves and others.

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