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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Honduras. The Wonder Twins are making their way toward a covered truck. Two greasy coyote guys get out and tell Alejandro that the trip to Sonora, which is 600 miles from the American border, will cost them 10,000 lempiras. Alejandro pulls out the money and Coyote Ugly Numero Uno asks if they're married. Alejandro says they're siblings and CUNO tells him that's even better; she can ride up front with him. Alejandro says that his sister stays with him and that they'll ride in back. They'll squeeze in between the other twenty people back there who want to live in America for some insane reason.

Back with Parkman. He's picking Molly up at school and she's just as annoying as she was last season. Before they can leave, a teacher comes out and says she needs to talk to him about Molly. She says that Molly's falling asleep in class; the teacher thinks that it's because Matt's divorce and his shooting were stressful for her. Matt thinks his divorce is none of her damn business and that Molly's very well taken care of, thanks. But it looks like Molly's been painting some rather disturbing pictures of big scary eyes with the "S" symbol between them, so the question of whether or not she's being well taken care of is kind of not the point, now, is it, Parkman?

Kirby Plaza. Kaito Nakamura, Hiro's father, is sitting alone on a bench, staring at nothing. Ando, sporting a really nice suit, walks up with a cup of coffee and a newspaper and bumps into some guy with a beard that's so large it's actually attacking the lower part of his body. It's Nathan, but Ando doesn't know that. He hands the coffee and paper to Kaito and sits next to him. They discuss Hiro and how he hasn't been heard from in four months and how Kaito used to be disappointed in his son, but then Hiro began his quest and now Kaito sees his strength and courage. "There is a legacy that I am meant to hand down to him," says Kaito. "No...I will wait for Hiro to return. I am a man of patience." He opens the paper and a picture of him falls onto the ground. He picks it up and sees that it has the "S" symbol on it. Kaito's immediately freaked out and he gets up and looks around. Ando asks what's wrong and Kaito says, "In 24 hours, I will be dead."

Peter's Apartment. Ma Petrelli is getting handsy again, only this time, it's with the portrait of Nathan and Peter. She touches the glass like it's a kitten and stares down at it. Nathan enters and is unpleasantly surprised to see his mother. Nathan looks like shit. Ma Petrelli tells him that they have to move on, that Peter's never coming back. They fight over the photo until it falls to the ground and the glass breaks and Ma Petrelli says that Nathan's drunk. She starts packing stuff up, bitching at him all the way for not following her grand plan. "To think I almost listened to you," Nathan mumbles to himself. He turns to her. "You're evil, Ma." This stops her and she looks at him. "Get out," he whispers. She flings something at him and leaves. Once she's outside, she sees a picture of herself tacked to the wall and it has same red "S" symbol on it as Kaito's photo. Clearly someone's marked her for death too.

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