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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Oh, please. We're STILL on Matt Parkman? I thought he got shot in the last episode. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Greg Grunberg, but his character's storyline doesn't interest me AT ALL. Not even now that he's gotten kind of buff and is all bad-ass with a gun at the beginning of this scene. I'm going to cut to the chase here and say that we're supposed to think Matt's on a bust in a trashy apartment building, but really, he's just on a training exercise. A training exercise he totally cheats at when it's time to decide who's a hostage and who's not. He listens in on the thoughts of the cops pretending to be shooter and the shootee, picks the right person, and brings the exercise to a crashing end.

Matt's chief comes in and asks how Matt knew which one was the bad guy and Matt blathers something about looking him in the eye and the chief is all, "Yeah, personally? I woulda picked the guy with the gun beneath his shirt." Well, YEAH. But I'm certainly hoping that this exercise wasn't that pedestrian, chief. Even I know that the bad guy is the one with the gun! The chief tells Matt that he's on the team -- he's officially part of the NYPD.

Back with Claire, she's in science class, looking on with envy as a hot cheerleader takes a seat up ahead. To staunch her feelings of inadequacy, Claire does what any teenager would do: she holds her hand over the Bunsen burner flame until her flesh starts bubbling. She's prevented from burning a hole clean through her hand by Hottie McDriverton from earlier in the day. He asks her if she has a death wish and she says she was just seeing how hot the flame is. He snarkily reminds her that it's a flame, so he's pretty sure it's hot, and goes on to rather snottily give her shit for walking in front of his car earlier. He may be cute, but he's actually kind of a dick. He introduces himself as "West" and asks her what she is and she's like, "The world's cutest regenerating ex-cheerleader?"

He goes on to ask her if she's one of "them" or one of the "others" and she totally thinks he's talking about her powers, of course, but he isn't, he's asking if she's one of the vapid popularity-seekers that surround them, or is she a free-thinking individual with a mind of her own? Claire doesn't give him an answer, instead just throwing the question back at him. The teacher puts a quote up on the board about survival of the species and asks to whom it's attributed. The classroom is overrun with tumbleweeds. Claire jots down "Charles Darwin" in her notebook, but doesn't say anything because she remembers what her father said about not standing out. West sees this and immediately makes a snap judgment that Claire is one of the "robots" instead of one of the "aliens." I have no idea what he's talking about, but for someone who claims to only be interested in befriending free-thinking individuals, he sure makes a lot of judgment calls, no?

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