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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Cut to Claire and Noah (!) Bennet, checking into a new school. Claire's worried that she's not going to fit in because she can re-grow her bones and all. Her father tries to assure her that she'll make plenty of friends because she's awesome and teenagers in California are no different than teenagers in Texas. Except for the supermodel who passes them and makes Noah wonder if statutory rape laws apply in L.A. the same way they do back in the Lone Star state. Bennet tells Claire that she has to keep her stories straight now that she's a fugitive. He warns her that she has to be less than ordinary, even though she's extraordinary. "Right," she says. "Don't stand out in any way." "Don't raise your hand in class," he says. "And don't even think about trying out for cheerleading." He wants her to blend in and try to appear normal.

They get to their car and Claire makes some ballsy statement about how she'd fit in better if she had her own car. Especially this nice product-placed Chrysler Rogue that just happens to be parked next to them. He surprises her by handing her the keys right there in the parking lot, because nothing says "inconspicuous" like a father giving his daughter a new car right in front of her school. The bell rings and Claire goes to leave, but Bennet stops her and says how sorry he is for all he's put her through and how much he loves her. She immediately goes to him and they have a nice big hug. The second bell rings and Claire runs off. Unfortunately, she runs right in front of a total hottie's car. He gives her a "What the hell is your problem, bitch?" look and she shrugs and apologizes and Bennet watches all of this like, "What'd I SAY about being un-extraordinary?" ["Also, the hottie in question is Larry Fouch from Election, and if he turned Mr. McAllister in, he'll do it to you too." -- Sars]

Meanwhile, Hiro's landed face down in the middle of the past. He's out in a field somewhere. He looks around and sees a whole regiment of samurai about to shoot him with arrows. He starts to run away, but then sees a lone warrior across the way, challenging the army. Hiro says something like "shit" in Japanese, and we get a chyron informing us that he's outside of Kyoto, Japan in the year 1671. An eclipse is occurring in the sky and Hiro says, "Not again!" The eclipse doesn't deter the army from shooting their arrows at Hiro anyway. He stops time and the arrows freeze and he gingerly pushes one away from his head and says, "The past is not a very safe place." And then he makes this hilarious cringing face and walks away like he's done nothing more unusual than plucking a tissue out of the box. He runs over to the lone warrior, who's about to be shot by arrows as well, and notices that the guy is flying the banner of Takezo Kensei, his hero. Due to this fact, and the fact that Hiro just loves changing the arc of time on a whim, Hiro decides to save Takezo by whisking him off to somewhere else in the immediate vicinity.

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