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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Once we get the chyron for the title of the episode, we leave the voice-over behind for the duration of the episode (BUT SADLY NOT FOREVER, I'M SURE) and catch up with Mohinder as he's coming to the conclusion of his Whack-Ass Crazy Speech for People Who Believe in UFOs and the Easter Bunny. He claims that the same people who have these superpowers have somehow contracted a disease as well; a virus that actually stops their powers from working and eventually leads to their death. He believes there's a plague that effects only the superpowered people and if they're eradicated by it, our species will be deprived of its evolutionary advancement.

Just then, Stephen Tobolowsky enters the room, and we see that this isn't a classroom, but a meeting room of sorts. You know, the kind with a big-ass coffee urn in the corner and the smell of day-old fish in the air. Stephen Tobolowsky is clearly up to no good because he's, well, Stephen Tobolowsky. Mohinder notices him right away. Well, seeing as there are only like ten people attending this Whack-Ass Crazy Speech for People Who Believe in UFOs and the Easter Bunny, he's kind of not really hard to miss, you know? Mohinder winds it up by declaring that without evolution, the challenges that are coming our way, like global warming and nuclear war, will decimate us because, you know, we won't have any special Heroes around to help us, right? He urges everyone in the room to take up the cause and fight for what they believe in. Only problem is, no one in the room believes in superpowered humans. We know this by the deafening silence greeting Mohinder when he finishes talking.

Stephen Tobolowsky catches up with Mohinder as he's leaving and asks for an autograph on his father's book. He says that Papa Suresh would have been proud of him...as would his sister. If she were alive, that is. Mohinder goes apeshit and throws Stephen Tobolowsky up against the wall and demands to know why Stephen Tobolowsky's been tailing him to all of his poorly attended speeches. Turns out, Stephen Tobolowsky just wants to offer Mohinder a job with The Company. Mohinder's not interested. Stephen Tobolowsky tries to sway him with the statement that nobody believes the whole superhero idea, so if he really wants to save the world, he's going to have to have some help. Stephen Tobolowsky then invites him for a drink, because successful coercion to the dark side really requires whiskey.

Now it's time to meet some of our new Heroes. Maya and Alejandro are Hondurans who seem to be on the run from the law. They're carrying satchels and running like hell through the rural streets of San Cristobal. Why they're running, we don't know, but I'll be it has something to do with someone's odd ability to make people bleed out their eyeballs... They manage to evade their pursuers by hiding in an abandoned building. Alejandro wants to keep running, but Maya's tired. She says that if they get caught, people will die. He tells her that if they don't keep running to America, people will probably die anyway, so they might as well go to America and get some answers as to what they are. We see a "Wanted" poster tacked to a wall that tells us the sibiings are wanted for murder.

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