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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Cork, Ireland. A security guard with a flashlight is wandering through some dockyards. Suddenly, a man comes out of the shadows and clocks him. He falls to the ground. A big guy with a truly terrible Irish accent questions the hitter as to whether he was trying to kill the poor bastard or not. They drag the guard out of the way and it becomes clear that they're looking for a particular container on the docks. They find it and crack into it. Once inside, they're confused; they thought there'd be a shitload o' iPods in it! Instead, there's just...Peter Petrelli, chained up and shirtless. Thank you, Kring! The Irish thugs go after him, but he shoots some electricity at them from his hands and one goes down. Peter looks one hundred percent shocked that this has just occurred. It appears he has no idea that he can do special things with his hands. (Dirty!) "Who are you?" asks the leader. "What's yer name?" "I don't know," says Peter, sporting the latest design in "S" symbol pendants around his neck and a freshly shorn haircut that is doing him all kinds of favors. "I don't know."

Well, you may not know WHO you are, Peter, but I'll tell you WHAT you are: hot.

Next on Heroes: The rest of the season! Yay!

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