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Meanwhile, In A Cargo Container In Ireland...

Bennet's cell phone rings and he goes to answer it, saying it's probably work. What, reporting an emergency paper jam? The family's not fooled, Noah. Trust me on this. Klinko's does not call its employees during dinner on their cell phones. Hell, Klinko's probably doesn't even HAVE their employees' cell phone numbers. So, whatever, it's Mohinder calling and he informs Bennet that The Company finally took the bait. He's in. Bennet thinks it's all falling into place and that together, they will bring the whole Company down.

Honduras. Alejandro catches up with the truck. It's stopped on the road. He runs to open the cab door and the coyotes both have eyes made of blood. He runs to the back and opens the flaps. All the passengers have the same problem. They're all bleeding out their eyes. He hears Maya crying and runs around the side of the truck. She's crouched on the ground, sobbing. He goes to her. She doesn't know what she's done and begs God's forgiveness. Alejandro takes control of the situation and hauls the coyotes out of the cab and tells his sister that they'll get to a safe place and bury the others. They have to get to America no matter what, because the man on the back of the book has the answers they seek and only he can help them.

Back with Claire, she's dialing a number on her pink bubblegum phone. It rings, and Nathan picks up. He's at a bar and wants to know why Claire is calling him. She doesn't know. He says he has to hang up, but she stops him, saying that she knows why Nathan is doing this: they both miss Peter. She doesn't know if she can pretend to be someone she isn't anymore. She feels like she's going to burst. "Look, I know you're looking for answers," he says, "we all are. But trust me, I am not the guy to give them to you. I'm sorry." He hangs up and then looks at himself in the mirror. The reflection he sees looking back at him seems to be that of himself, but horribly scarred and burned. Or maybe it's Peter. It looks like Nathan, though, so I'm not sure what's going on. Claire flips her phone closed and lies back on the bed. The camera pulls back to reveal West, who's floating outside her window, watching her. So he's a snotty outsider stalker who flies? Which one is his superpower?

Superroof of Superheroes. Kaito's still standing there, waiting for Ando to come back from finding a sword at the Duane Reade on the corner of 58th and 8th. He hears a noise and wonders out loud if it's Ando. But there's no response. A hooded figure appears in the doorway. We can't see his face, but it's clearly a man. "Of all of them," says Kaito, "I never expected it would be you." Just then, Ando appears, with a fucking sword, and Hooded Guy takes off, running toward Kaito. He knocks into him, flinging them both over the side of the building. Ando runs to the edge and looks down, but only Kaito lies at the bottom; the hooded figure is nowhere to be found.

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