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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Matt is telling Daphne that he didn't think his dad cared a whit about him, so it's obviously jarring to find out he died trying to protect him. Daphne points out that Pinehearst will be sending someone to follow up, so it would be poor repayment of Maury's sacrifice if Matt were to hang around waiting to get killed. Matt doesn't want to turn tail and run, and as they discuss the matter, we cut to the hallway, where Knox is stealthily approaching the door. This is a classic giveaway, though -- when the bad guy is revealed to the audience early, the good guys are going to get the better of him. Happens every time. He overhears them talking about being SCARED and their FEARS, which practically makes him lick his lips in anticipation, and then he busts inside. Daphne panics and tries to superzip past him, but he clocks her on the way, and she falls to the floor, dead. Matt then works his mind mojo to hold Knox in place, which initially works, but Knox then realizes that Matt is afraid, which is all the encouragement he needs to put a fist straight through his heart, The German-style. Knox regards their corpses with satisfaction as we head into another commercial break.

We're back in the same scene when we return, but moments after Knox leaves, the bodies on the floor suddenly vanish, and the real Matt and Daphne emerge from the other room. I assume part of the illusion was that Knox couldn't see them even if he looked their way, because it would have been silly to take the risk of him glancing in the wrong direction and being like, "Hey!" Anyway, Daphne admiringly says that was amazing, and gives him a quick peck on the cheek, which of course he gets all creepy about, and then she tries to push the idea of them escaping, but he tells her he's not running away. I assume he wants to avenge his father, because otherwise who the hell cares, and Daphne feels the same way, pointing out that tricking the Villains into killing each other isn't going to bring Maury back. She goes on that even the two of them together will need help, so Matt gets the idea of going to The Company. Daphne tries to prevent any stray thoughts from escaping her head, which is probably harder for her than for some other people around here.

At Pinehearst, Flint enters the war room and corn-pones that the building is sealed, and if Peter's still inside, he's not getting out. Sylar's voice cuts in that Peter is long gone, but he's not doing as well, as when the camera pans left, we see his legs hanging a couple feet off the floor. Nice. Papa Petrelli asks that Peter please be brought in alive, not that it seems like he cares about that in other parts of the episode, and then, when Flint leaves, turns his attention to Sylar, who's floating in the air. Given the heavy-handed religious imagery this season, I'm surprised he doesn't have his arms splayed out to the sides, but there are plenty of episodes left for that, I guess. Papa Petrelli tells Sylar it's a surprise to see him, given that he turned down the recruitment offer, but Sylar's more interested in asking what his father did to his mother. Papa Petrelli tells Sylar that Mama Petrelli has done terrible things, and Sylar petulantly responds, "So have I, and I'm going to do them all to you." Hmm. Getting back to the religious stuff, Papa Petrelli asks if Mama Petrelli has forgiven Sylar's sins, and when he responds that his mother accepts him for who he is, Papa Petrelli tells him Mama Petrelli is using him as a weapon -- "a blunt instrument to be manipulated and then discarded." Sylar, getting worried, protests that his mother loves him, but Papa Petrelli tells him when he was born, Mama Petrelli had a dream about what he'd become, and she was so terrified by it that she tried to drown him. He releases Sylar from his invisible grip as he goes on that he got to the bathroom just in time, as she was holding him at the bottom of the tub. The story does conceivably play, as Mama Petrelli has been pretty quiet about the whys of giving Sylar away, and Sylar knows it, looking scared as Papa Petrelli holds a hand out to him. "It's time to learn the truth about your mother."

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