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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Weboratory. Tracy and Nathan have been waiting for hours for a Company operative to show up, so Tracy amuses herself by going over to the Abuser Neighbor's cocoon and trying to free him. He repays her by grabbing her by the throat, and given what we saw of him pre-capture she probably should have let Nathan initiate first contact. She doesn't use her power, which seems odd, given that her adrenaline must be through the roof, unless, as seems overwhelmingly likely, Mohinder was completely full of crap about that. Anyway, the guy suddenly releases her in a frenzy of twitching, and we see it's because Bennet has discharged a taser into him. Well, Bennet, glad you used your one bolt on a guy who really, really wasn't going anywhere. He does have another weapon to play with, though -- Meredith, who, fire-handed, greets her former paramour with a sunny smile. "Well, I see you've still got a weakness for blondes." Heh. Tracy just looks at her, and then at Nathan like, "Fire and ice? Oh, that's cute."

On the plane (a plane! I was getting used to everyone teleporting or superzipping or doing whatever else to get from place to place) Claire is chilling out, in the middle seat for the scene's convenience, while Elle looks like she is holding it together not at all: "I'm what some people would refer to as an anxious flyer." Claire looks at her like she finds this endearing, and mildly gives her shit, but when she brings up the fact that Elle "let" the Unit 5 people escape, Elle isn't amused. Claire goes on that she caught Doyle, and the agent thing isn't so hard, which really gets Elle going, who says that her dad pushed her into that life, and if Claire is voluntarily choosing it, she's a moron. "You have no idea how good you have it!" With her agitation, her powers start going crazy again, which is inconvenient, as they start interfering with the plane's flight. The captain makes an announcement about electrical devices, and Claire unnecessarily tells Elle he's talking about her, like I'm sure she was really confused on that point. She tells Elle she has to turn her power off, but Elle grits, "If I knew how to do that, I wouldn't be here in the first place!" The plane starts to shake and spaz out for real, but Claire redeems herself with a flash of inspiration -- Elle can take her hand and empty out all her excess energy into her, and she'll absorb it painlessly. The idea works, and eventually Elle calms down and the flight goes back to normal. Claire and Elle smile at each other, and then when Claire lets go of Elle's hand, we see her electrical burns heal. She leans back with a look like, "Wait, did I just have sex?"

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