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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

...strapped to a gurney, into Mohinder's lab. Mohinder tells Peter that his metabolism is primed to accept abilities (...whatever) so he's an ideal test case. Peter informs him that in the future, Mohinder told him that this manipulation of abilities was a mistake, so Mohinder urgently asks him what he looks like in the future. Peter considers the question, and then tells Mohinder there was something wrong with him, and that he'd changed. "You looked like a monster." Mohinder is like, "It never ends well when people call me that." He moves to inject Peter with whatever, and Peter is horrified as he notices the scales or whatever on Mohinder's arm, but suddenly the needle goes flying, and Sylar conversationally offers, "Hello, Mohinder," before sending him flying into the wall. At least he was polite about it. Sylar then impales the non-speaking lab coat before freeing Peter, who's amazed that Sylar came for him. Sylar says that's what brothers do, but brothers also apparently forget when there's an enemy at their backs, as Mohinder recovers and wrestles Sylar to the floor and starts bashing his head repeatedly into it, apparently still kind of pissed over Sylar killing his father. Boy, Sylar has been through the wringer since he got Claire's power, huh? He's been shot, had his neck snapped, and this is the second time he's had the snot beaten out of him, not to mention his massive explosion in the future. I guess he's just not much of a complainer, which makes it hard to believe he and Peter are related. Anyway, Peter ineffectively tries to intervene on Sylar's behalf, and then Papa Petrelli appears and tries to zap Peter with Elle's power, which really seems like it could kill him, but while Peter may have lost his special abilities, we see he can still run quickly as he hightails it down the hall. And I give him a lot of shit, but you can hardly blame him for this -- he has no way of helping Sylar at the moment, who's invulnerable anyway, so best to save his skin and regroup. Papa Petrelli finally grabs Mohinder's fist to keep him from continuing to punch the now-unconscious Sylar, and Mohinder asks if he knows what he's done and how many innocent people he's killed. Papa Petrelli: "I do. But he's also my son." Mohinder's "Whaaaaa?" face makes me wish they'd just send out a global memo about Sylar's parentage already, and Papa Petrelli adds, "And I've been waiting for him for a long time." You can probably stick out a quick commercial, then.

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