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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Claire is packing as Sandra snipes that Claire doesn't know anything about the place, and besides, the name "sounds like a dishwashing liquid." It's a nonsensical line, and yet Ashley Crow's impotent disdain made me giggle. She says she needs to call Bennet, but Claire begs her not to, although she does at least concede that she knows Bennet loves her. "But there's something inside of me, and it's broken. And he can't fix it." She goes on that she knows she can't trust Elle generally, but they have a common goal. Sandra: "If she gives you any lip, you just toss a glass of water on her." Unless you're thirty thousand feet up, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Also: Aw! Claire smiles.

Matt is leaving a message for Mohinder (he lets us know that in show time, the season has been going on for all of one week. It's almost too easy to point out that it's seemed longer, no?) There's then a knock on the door and Matt, who's faced numerous really evil villains and ALSO IS A COP, answers the door without finding out who it is first. The good news is that it's Daphne; the bad news is that she's leveling a gun at him. She enters and closes the door, and on the verge of hysterics, tells him the Pinehearst people think she warned him off, and now if she doesn't kill him, she'll pay with her life. You'd think at this moment Matt might take control of her mind, but instead he seems to get An Idea, and tells her to shoot him -- it's the only way he can save her life. Matt, just because you saw it work for Claire is no reason to play the hero here. Daphne tells him she knows he thinks she's worth saving, but she's done some bad things. Considering she keeps insisting she's a thief and not a killer, I wonder what she could have done that's quite that terrible, but in any case she tells him to turn around. He complies, but tells her again how they get married in the future, and start a family. "We're gonna love each other." He stands, awaiting his fate, and then there's a loud noise -- but it's the gun clattering to the floor. She tells him she's sorry, which seems odd for a second, but she goes on that there was nothing she could do, and, horrified, he finally reads her mind -- and learns of his dad's death. He doesn't bother wondering how Maury escaped from the prison he put him in, but I'd still like to know at some point even though it seems irrelevant now.

Papa Petrelli and a couple security goons (like he really needs them) go in to see Peter, who tries to attack his dad with the side piece to the bed he apparently managed to break off and slide the cuffs off of, but Papa Petrelli harmlessly telekinetically swats it away with a wave of his hand. The goons grab him, and Papa Petrelli indignantly notes that Peter isn't going to help him, like, duh. Peter yells that Papa Petrelli thinks he can do whatever he wants and that he's better than everyone, and Papa Petrelli replies, "I am better, Peter. It's not a belief, it's a fact." Well, I'm glad we cleared that up. He adds that one way or another, Peter will help him, and gestures for the toughs to take him away...

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