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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The situation at the Bennet house has become less, um, charged, and after Claire asks Elle if she's okay, she responds that she's leaving. However, her powers spaz out again, prompting Claire to ask, "Is there something wrong with you?" Claire, go over and stand with Hiro and Mohinder for a while, would you? I want to have a tidy lineup for the Captain Obvious contest. Elle explains that her power is out of control, and she can't eat or sleep. She goes on that "this girl" (Daphne, of course) tried to recruit her to Pinehearst, saying they know what's wrong with her and how to fix it, but she was wary, never having heard of them, so she thought she would ask Bennet for advice before doing anything else. Claire, however, stares at the Pinehearst card and barely listens, before saying that maybe there's something wrong with all of them, and they can fix it. Elle opines that Claire is fine. "You're perfect!" Claire demurs, however, telling Elle about how she can no longer feel pain. "And I think it's only a matter of time before I can't feel anything at all." Elle is like, oh, I'm soooo sorry: "My body is screaming. I'm in agony. And your brother threw water on me and made me cry." Claire invites Elle to come with her to Pinehearst, and Elle, after a moment, stands. "All right, Dorothy. We're off to see the wizard." I'd suggest you take along the people on this show who need brains. You could get the group rate!

Daphne enters the Pinehearst conference room to find the Villains waiting for her, and they're not pleased, given her failure to recruit Matt. Just out of curiosity, when did Maury drop the Linderman act with Daphne? Anyway, she says that Matt wasn't buying, pointing out that he's a mind reader, which is a misstep on her part, as Papa Petrelli steps forward and asks if there was something in her mind that would have discouraged him from joining her. She tries to claim that isn't what she meant, but Knox, who's come up close behind her, reveals that she's scared. Daphne swallows and asks how she can fix this, so Papa Petrelli tells her to revisit Matt -- and kill him. Maury, however, is not on board with this, saying he only gave Papa Petrelli his loyalty in exchange for Matt's safety. Daphne also protests that she's no killer, but she's the only one, as when Maury starts to say that without him, Papa Petrelli would still be in that bed, Papa Petrelli waves his hand and telekinetically snaps Maury's neck. Somewhere, Malcolm McDowell is like, "Great, now how am I going to get work on this show?" But it's either interesting or stupid -- not sure which yet -- that of the five so-called "Villains" from Mama Petrelli's first vision this season, two are now dead. Daphne, now out of her mind with fear, says there has to be another way, and Papa Petrelli impassively gives her the commercial break to sweat it out.

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