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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Soon after, Mohinder and Papa Petrelli are doing the master-shot-walk-down-a-hallway as Papa Petrelli assures him that there's no trace of Maya's ability left: "I take it all. I leave nothing behind." Sounds like he might have been working for AIG during his "dead" period. Mohinder asks if he could do the same for him, but clarifies that basically, he wants to stop the spider stuff from progressing while still retaining the super-strength and agility and all that good stuff. Papa Petrelli merely smirks, like, "So you keep all the sweet pros of being a spider and I'll just grow eight legs and start shooting webbing out of my ass. Great deal for me! Shut up, Mohinder." Instead of saying this, however, he merely leads Mohinder into a lab wherein, displayed on some large computer screens, are some scientific formulas and a representation of a double helix. Mohinder notes that while the formula is similar to the one he came up with, there are some differences. "These protein links are enmeshed!" He asks if it's been successful, and Papa Petrelli replies that they've taken it as far as they can, and now they need him. "If you can make our version of the formula successful, a fresh injection might be exactly what you need." Mohinder sticks out his chin and says he's been down this road before, and there's always a hidden agenda. So you're saying you don't believe they did all this work on the formula so you could come along, finish it, and fix a condition of yours that they just found out about. Good work, Nancy Drew! Papa Petrelli offers Mohinder the exit as an alternative, so Mohinder, after fifty years, says he'll need test subjects. He doesn't mention that one of his recent said subjects was one of Papa Petrelli's sons, but given what Papa Petrelli's about to do to Peter, he needn't have bothered with the discretion.

At Primatech, Mama Petrelli is still unconscious, but from the jump cuts to her brain-activity monitor, we get the sense that her mind is about to accomplish something. Cut to Sylar, who's also still in a coma, and maybe that's what makes it possible for them to communicate, because presently, we see Mama Petrelli standing over him. He sits up and asks "Mama" how she can be there, but she doesn't waste time indulging silly questions, instead telling him that Peter needs his help. Sylar tells her that Peter thinks he's a killer, but she instructs him to stop with the self-pity and get out of the cell. He points out that his abilities are being blocked, but she triumphantly points out that she's there, isn't she? "Oh, Gabriel. You don't know the half of what you're capable of. Show them. Show them all why you're my favorite. Make Mommy proud." Every time she talks like this, it sends Friday The Thirteenth chills down my spine. Anyway, in the real world, Sylar wakes up, TKs off his restraints, and blows the door off its hinges. I guess when the power-dampening fails, it really fails. Cut to Sylar giving his mother a kiss and telling her not to worry -- he'll save Peter. It doesn't happen often, but I still hate it when Sylar makes me root against him.

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