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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Claire tells Elle to get the hell out, but Elle responds by shooting her in the chest with her electricity -- to no effect, much to her chagrin and Claire's smug delight. Claire then literally grabs Elle by the hair and starts to drag her out of there, but Elle kicks her to the floor and tries zapping her again -- but Lyle pours a bucket of water on her from behind, causing her powers to freak out some more and her to scream in pain. If her powers have been on the fritz since Sylar's attack, though, I'd expect her hair to be a lot greasier. Elle slumps down in a corner and miserably apologizes, and says she needs help. "And I didn't know where else to go." Claire's face: "Exactly how much thought did you give that question?"

In an establishing shot of Pinehearst, people walk around blissfully. Do employees of an evil organization really get to go out to lunch? Inside, Mohinder is watching the unconscious Maya through a glass when Papa Petrelli appears and introduces himself. Mohinder is surprised? Appalled? Intrigued? as he notes that everyone thinks Papa Petrelli is dead, and wonders what could "drive a father to put his children through such grief?" I don't get the sense the Petrelli boys were all that broken up about it, but Papa Petrelli goes for the funny: "Have you met their mother?" Heh. He asks how Maya is, and Mohinder tells him she's terrified, as she thinks Mohinder's a monster and also has no idea where she is. Pointedly, he adds, "Nor do I, for that matter," so Papa Petrelli assures him he's among friends. Mohinder says he'd do anything to keep his promise to Maya, saying nothing about the giant spider in the room, so Papa Petrelli smiles that Mohinder merely has to watch. He enters the room and puts his hands on Maya, who wakes up and, understandably terrified, gets the black eyes of death, but Papa Petrelli is probably impervious to her attack now that he's immortal, and anyway, in a moment, she's smiling in disbelief as her power flows out of her. Papa Petrelli looks at Mohinder with black, impassive eyes, and when they turn back to normal, he regards Maya, who's almost crying with joy. There's none of the shock that Peter experienced, but as I pointed out that seems to be a delayed reaction anyway. (To be fair, Maya had one power and Peter dozens, so maybe it logically should have been tougher for him.) Mohinder happily enters, but Maya snaps for him to get away from her. Mohinder's like, "What about your cocoon experience was unpleasant? Talk to me! I need feedback!"

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