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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

...and then Peter wakes up, with his right wrist handcuffed to the hospital bed he's on. On the one hand, this seems unnecessary, because Peter without any powers is about as threatening to the Villains as a three-day-old puppy. Against that, however, is the fact that Peter's a dick, so it's hilarious. Papa Petrelli, who's been enjoying a good book while waiting for Peter to wake up, cautions his son to take it easy, as his body is still in shock. So I guess his body waited for Papa Petrelli to make the announcement that he'd stolen his powers before giving in to said shock. Unless he was referring to the shock from the actual announcement, but while it was both surprising and upsetting for him I still don't think it was anything for a grown man to swoon over. Papa Petrelli tells Peter he gave him no choice but to steal his powers (...okay?) and they're gone forever. Obviously, he could be lying or mistaken, but for now Peter concentrates on the questions of why Papa Petrelli is (a) alive, and (b) "preaching to some supervillain gang." Papa Petrelli says he's had to make hard choices for the greater good, and with everyone claiming such noble intentions, if someone were to come along all "I'm evil! Mwa ha ha ha ha!" it would not only be a refreshing change, but might actually bode better for the world. Peter Angry Blue Steels about the future he saw, and Papa Petrelli asks for Peter's help in ensuring that reality never comes to pass. Peter, however, isn't interested, saying he's going to make Papa Petrelli pay for everything he's ever done, prompting Papa Petrelli to start to head out of the room, but then turn back: "Son, until you change that attitude... you're grounded." He does not then grab a cane and hat and do a vaudeville dance out of the room, but it sure would have been appropriate off that line.

At night, Claire and Sandra return home, running over a chyron with the episode title on their driveway. Obviously those things aren't union. Sandra asks if Claire is okay, and Claire says she thinks she is. "Is that weird?" Not as weird as your mom letting you drive her car home, at least in my experience. Claire gives us a little run-down of recent events, like, I'm right here, and Sandra tells her it's amazing how she handles herself, and she's very proud. Aw. When they get out, though, they notice the lights flickering, and I think this would actually have been a very cool reveal if they hadn't tipped us off by showing Elle in the previouslies. I mean, these kinds of decisions are tough for the networks, I'm sure, but I've been following the ratings enough to know that new viewers are flocking to this show like rats to a sinking ship, so maybe take a chance that the stray channel surfer will be able to keep up and give the rest of us an actual surprise, right? Anyway, inside, the lights continue to flicker as Claire sees Lyle unconscious on the floor. She rushes over as he stirs, and asks if he's okay, and he groggily nods: "The bitch is back." Aw, that's got to be a little nostalgic shout-out to Veronica Mars. Because, of course, when Claire walks over to the study, she finds Elle, electricity crackling all around her. She smirks, "Hey, cheerleader," and Claire looks like, "Well, great, but at least there are no puppets." Title card.

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