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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Back in Africa, NeoIsaac is mixing up a thick paste, saying the recipe has been in his family for thousands of years. He notes that Hiro refuses to go back in time even if it might save the world, so at least we're clear on what "choosing your own path" means to NeoIsaac in this situation. And I've been pretty tough on Hiro for being such a whiny wuss about it, but I suppose he has reason to be worried that going back in time will cause the world to die of boredom, as it almost did last season. Hiro wishes for another way to learn about his enemies, so NeoIsaac tells him that for thousands of years, his family has been taking spirit walks to distant realms of the unconscious. He beckons Hiro to try the paste, who complies, but when he offers some to Ando, he refuses with a look like he's smelling a particularly eggy fart. Hiro announces, "Delicious," but in short order, his eyes go white, and he falls back, unconscious. Ando's chagrined, but NeoIsaac points out that this was the consequence of Hiro's inaction -- having his path chosen for him. Ando calls Hiro's name repeatedly to no avail, and we pull back for an overhead shot before the usual "To Be Continued..." card pops up. Only it'll be in two weeks -- see you then!

John Ramos is a writer and producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at couchbaron@gmail.com.

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