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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

At what I think is the Petrelli ancestral home, Claire is treating Peter's injuries as he notes that he didn't hit the ground all that hard, and opines that the only explanation is that Sylar wanted him to escape and purposefully slowed his descent. I feel like I have to voice my encouragement here, because for once the show didn't explicitly spell everything out, but gave clues -- remember Flint saying that the exits were completely sealed? Sylar heard that, so he came up with a way around it. I would so rather the show let us figure shit like that out for ourselves. You don't have to be Mad Men about it -- just don't assume we're completely challenged, right? Peter tells a skeptical Claire that Sylar saved his life, but before Claire can chew on that, Nathan shows up, and Claire hugs her dad. She then looks at Tracy, and Nathan is like, "It's all right, she's good," at least sparing us any Niki/Tracy bullshit for the time being. Nathan, noting the wounds on his brother's bare chest, asks why he's not healing, so Peter breaks the news about their father. Nathan takes a few tries to hear what Peter's saying, but Peter urgently tells him, "If we don't stop him, he's gonna kill us all." Claire, for her part, must be wondering how many more murderous relatives of hers are going to come out of the woodwork. Nathan protests that this is their dad he's talking about, giving Claire an opening to smugly overact: "Believe me, dads aren't always what they seem." Nathan tells Peter, over his protests, that he needs to know where their dad is, and Claire gives up the Pinehearst name, causing Peter to stare at her in anger? Shock? Dismay? Tracy recognizes Pinehearst as "the biotech company," and when Peter begs Nathan not to go, he gives in, saying there are a lot of ways to shut Pinehearst down, and he'll call someone at the Justice Department for help. He looks just a little shifty about it, though, which is nice work from Pasdar, and after he and Tracy exit, she calls him on lying to his brother. He admits it, saying he's going to see his father before asking what Tracy knows about Pinehearst. She tells him she's been taking a consulting fee from them for over a year, which doesn't really answer the question, but goes on that she knows "the players there," and she can help open doors. He says he doesn't need any doors opened. "I plan on kicking 'em down." Or you could just fly through that gaping hole your brother made in the window, but maybe that would require less testosterone.

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