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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

In the weboratory, Company men are loading out Mohinder's victims as Tracy has just mentally gotten her head around the branches of the Bennet/Nathan/Meredith family tree. She seems genuinely amused, but becomes less so when Bennet, after hearing that Mohinder injected her and Nathan with something, says they'll have to come to the Company to get tested, "to be sure you're still normal." Tracy and Nathan look at each other awkwardly, and it's no less weird when Nathan, probably remembering certain past events like Bennet capturing him, asks Meredith if she's really working with Bennet. She affirms that, and he walks away, leaving Meredith to come closer to Tracy: "I'd watch out for that one." Tracy, a little too brightly, says they're not together, and Meredith, positively sublimely, is like, "Ah!" That cracked me up. Love her. Nathan, meanwhile, is on the phone with Claire: "Don't tell anyone."

Sylar is regarding the hole in the window through which he sent his brother as he intones that Peter will never give up. Papa Petrelli says that he knows -- "revenge is in our blood." So's good bone structure. After saying they're going to take their fight to the enemy, Papa Petrelli wonders aloud how Peter survived the fall. Sylar turns and gives nothing away, but Papa Petrelli is no fool, so I'm guessing he's got things figured out. It's an interesting dynamic, here -- Sylar playing double agent, and his dad likely knowing that but still hoping to turn him or use him to further his goals. Speaking of such duplicity, they're interrupted when Papa Petrelli gets a call from Daphne, who says the plan worked -- Matt thinks she's on his side. So somehow, Matt missed this when he read her mind about his dad, but like I said in the recaplet, I'm perfectly willing to chalk that up to incompetence. Daphne goes on that if Matt reaches out to The Company, she'll report on it. Papa Petrelli: "Screw this up, and I'll put you right back where I found you." Ooh, was she working as a waitress in a cocktail bar? We cut to Daphne's POV as she disconnects, wide-eyed with fear, and then heads over to Matt with an endearing smile and sidearm embrace. When he goes back to what he's doing, though, her smile fades, and I have to say, they've pulled me in on this storyline as well, thanks in large part to Brea Grant, who's made Daphne probably the biggest pleasant surprise of the season. If only the show were better at figuring out which storylines actually resonate and which are steaming piles of manure, we'd be getting somewhere.

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