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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

So Peter did not in fact leave, as he's watching Mohinder at the moment, who in turn spots Maya from over a balcony and goes rushing down to talk to her. Peter ducks into an elevator, and then we cut to Maya, who's retrieving her things as Mohinder approaches. He says he hears she's leaving, and she tells him she hopes to forgive him one day, but she can't trust him. He says that regardless of appearances, he was trying to help her, and his feelings for her were real, and still exist. She tells him she's killed people, and even though it wasn't by choice, she needs to make amends. "And so do you. Get well, Mohinder." She walks off to become Maya: Warrior Princess or whatever, but in fairness I will say she was a lot less annoying this season. I wish her well, but I still hope she doesn't come back.

Elle and Claire have made it to Pinehearst, but Elle's power goes loopy again, prompting Claire to grab and steady her. Elle sincerely thanks her for her help, admitting that she's been nothing but a bitch while Claire's been sweet, "and really, it just makes me hate you more." Heh. Claire in turn thanks Elle, because she was ready to give up and deny everything that was happening to her, and was scared of finding out anything real about herself. Elle: "It's nice to know that you're as messed up as I am." Okay, who's shipping Clairelle? (I'll show myself out.)

Peter finds Sylar, who's happy he came back for him but less so about his statement that he can't trust Papa Petrelli. Peter tries to tell him that Papa Petrelli hurt Mama Petrelli, and what he's doing by manipulating abilities is wrong and will lead to disaster. Papa Petrelli appears and says the world Peter saw doesn't exist -- they won't let it. Of course, the fact that Papa Petrelli has been hell-bent on capturing or killing anyone who can see the future logically means he can never be trusted, so Peter's clearly in the right here, but Sylar apologizes before TKing his brother through the window. Elle and Claire watch as he falls, and we get a birds-eye view of his ass before it covers the camera's vision and we go to the last commercial break.

When we return, we see Peter fall again, and Claire and Elle rush over to him -- but he's alive, if bloodied. Peter asks what she's doing here in an "I just took five Vicodins" voice that's pretty funny, and Elle notices he's not healing. Peter explains that "he" took his ability, and they have to go, but instead of helping Claire with Peter, Elle agitatedly points out that getting rid of their abilities is what they came for. Claire points out that she doesn't know everything that happened inside, but Elle, seeming sorry that she's abandoning her newfound friend, nonetheless heads into Pinehearst. Claire struggles to help Peter to the car as she asks how he fell that far without dying, and I'd give you the answer but Peter's going to figure it out in a couple scenes anyway.

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