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Doctors? More Like DUH-ctors

Day Four. By this point, lights on level R have begun flickering (horror trope), there's blood on the call box outside the quarantined people's main cavern (horror trope), there's an abandoned body on the floor in an empty corridor (horror trope), and some random guy is ranting about how they've all been abandoned. Julia's all, "No! The CDC would never do that!" but nobody's buying what she's selling.

The malcontent grouses that he's not going down without a fight, and his definition of "fight" includes taking out the CO2 system, thereby guaranteeing that nobody on the upper levels of the base will have breathable air in six hours. Between him and Balleseros, the arctic base is going to be reduced to the habitation level of a compost bin in no time. I just hope the season ends before anyone decides to take out the waste management system because Hatake looked at them funny.

Julia tries to talk everyone out of this idea too, and Dr. He'll-Be-Dead-Soon-So-I'm-Not-Bothering-With-Names snaps, "Thank you for your input, Dr. Walker. I think it's time you found a new place to bunk." Cut to a shot of her being shoved outside the main quarantine chamber and someone throwing her bag after her.

Julia stands in the hall and stares at the corpse in front of her, but before she can fall into the kind of dumb reverie that makes for good victims, she's distracted by the footfalls of a person behind her at the opposite end of the corridor. The person's wearing a self-contained breathing respirator, gloves and a baggy jumpsuit, and they've waved Julia to what is presumably safety. But when she rounds the corridor to catch up with the figure … nobody is there.

Upstairs, Hatake is looking out over the frozen landscape as Alan is losing his cool. News of the satellite dish being taken out has broken, I see. As Daniel tries to assure Alan he's on it, Hatake sips from a "Keep Calm and Carry On" mug, because the arctic chill preserves trends for up to five times their normal lifespan in more temperate climates. Alan asks how he's supposed to shut down an outbreak if he can't share information with the CDC or any other entity in the outside world, and Hatake's all, "This base is crammed full of brainiacs. You have everything you need here." "Yeah, but half of your brainiacs are infected and mostly useless" is a thing Alan does not say, because I guess "Witty Comebacks" wasn't an elective at his medical school.

The upshot to this scene is that the people on Level R are hosed. Or, as Alan and Hatake's exchange goes:

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