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Fifty Vectors, One Cup

Oh, this show! So far we've had crazy spitting zombie vectors, a CDC love triangle, a field of frozen monkeys, people's eyes turning silver, secret tumors, hallucinations, abducted children, Futurama-style heads in jars, and secret twins. What bonkers plot development will this week reveal? Please let it be the one where Alan and Sarah are permanently eliminated.

So we start off on Day 9, with Sarah being used as bait to draw out a vector. Sure enough, the bald one comes a-running for her, and he's finally snared by Alan and Daniel. Sarah's all, “Yeah, next time one of you can troll for shrieking goo-spewers.”

There may not be a next time: The vectors have all disappeared since Peter was taken. Alan is all, “Where did they go?” and that leads us to the next discovery: Level R is not the bottom floor of the base. There is a level below that called Level X. Moreover, Level X is “the virus vault … it's where we keep all of our original core samples.” Alan, upon hearing that a lunatic has stockpiled strains of Narvik A & B – and that said lunatic actually created them both, can only gape.

Upstairs in Hatake's office, Alan sputters, “You engineered an apocalypse virus?” and Hatake shrugs all, “I was never going to deliver it,” which is pretty much the most bad-assed thing you can say in reply to an accusation like that. Hatake goes on to point out that he did this because if he didn't, Ilaria would have found some other stooge lab to do so, and then everyone on planet Earth would be sorry. Alan's brain takes a moment to register the prospect of Hatake playing the hero, then shuts down before it can explode in righteous indignation.

Hatake then tells everyone that Sutton is no longer a problem (without adding “Because her head is floating in a bowl about fifty yards away”) and says, “What's coming next is much worse … Sutton was just a messenger. Next, they will send an army. They will not stop until they have the virus.” And nobody in this room of trained investigators thinks to ask, “Exactly who are the 'they' you are on about?”

So this episode's aim, as dictated by Alan, is to get down to Level X and destroy any viral samples before Ilaria can get their hands on it. He seems to be forgetting that Ilaria could always pack up a vector or two and get the virus that way too, but what the hell, why not pretend that the caper for this episode would be the be-all-end-all solution to this problem? Hatake orders Daniel to show Alan footage of something, and while that's going on in the background, Julia corners Hatake so she can berate him for drugging her and then move on to ask about the torn-up photo of Hatake with her as a little girl. Hatake spins this story about Julia's late mother being one of his best friends, and apparently they used to socialize in Montana frequently. Julia asks how that photo's possible since Hatake looks the same as he does now and Hatake interrupts, “I was a very young man.” Or Julia was grown in a vat and released into the wild ten minutes before she married Alan. At this point, I'd totally believe that.

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