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Body of Work

Later, Graham is trying to sleep again, but is having nightmares. This time he's not having his own nightmares, though, he's having Abigail's. He sees Boyle's murder and knows that it was Abigail who did it. He goes to talk to Lecter about his discovery. Lecter shrugs, "I know." Graham wants to know how he knows and he confesses that he helped her hide the body. Lecter wants to know if Crawford knows, but Graham didn't tell him yet. Lecter fingers a scalpel briefly, but opts for using his words instead. He pretends that he really cares about Abigail and only helped her cover the self-defense killing because he knew Crawford would hang her for her father's crimes. Graham is easily swayed because he truly is protective of Abigail. Lecter poignantly rests his hand on Graham's shoulder as their wonder twin powers activate in the form of a team.

Later Lecter is hosting a very awkward dinner party with Graham, Abigail and the zany blogger who is, of course and lucky for her, a vegetarian. Lecter makes her a special plate of vegetables, while everyone else eats mystery meat and talks about whether or not Abigail should write a book. Halfway through the meal Abigail realizes that Graham knows. Later as they dry dishes, she asks Lecter about it and when Lecter assures her that her secret is safe, she tells him that she knew about her father's crimes and admitted that she helped him. She lured his victims in, wooing them with her seemingly hapless naiveté and innocence. She met them and made them feel safe before her father took over. She cries in Lecter's arms and he promises that he and Graham will keep her safe.

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