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Body of Work

Graham thinks the clue to the totem pole is that it was erected (heh) in Grafton, West Virginia. If the most recent victim is the guy at the top of the pole then the body at the bottom of the pole must have been his first victim. The CSI tells him that the first body on the pole was some dude beaten to death years and years ago. There were no suspects in his death, which means the killer got away with it. Graham thinks there must be a connection between those two victims.

Crawford has gathered all the psychiatrists in all the land in his office to talk about the fact that the body found freezer-burnt in the field was that of Nicholas Boyle, the ginger headed ersatz stalker that Abigail offed. Does that mean Lecter is taking matters into his own hands to stop her from writing her tell-all? Maybe. Crawford is hell-bent on getting Abigail to ID the body, even though all three psych doctors think it is a terrible idea. Crawford is suspicious of Abigail and thinks she is the link between the last of her father's crimes. He insists on the ID and Bloom has to escort her while Crawford interrogates her in plain view of the dude's decomposing and strangely holey corpse. Why so many holes, corpse? Just to give me the willies? When Bloom balks at Crawford's line of questioning ("Did you gut this man with a hunting knife?") he tells her to get out. She doesn't budge and Crawford grills Abigail like she's a weenie at a bonfire. Abigail survives the inquest and once she leaves, Bloom rounds on Crawford pointing out that even if they both kind of doubt Abigail's story, or at least think she's hiding something, she doesn't doubt Lecter, who backs up Abigail's account. Crawford doesn't know what to say to that. Back in Abigail's room, Lecter reminds her that she jeopardized his life and livelihood. He needs to be able to trust her.

Back in the crime lab, the team has found a potential connection between the first and last victims. Turns out that they were father and son, sort of. They weren't blood related. It seems that the son's mom may have been stepping out on her husband and the killer offed them both. They would ask her, but she is dead, too. A man named Lawrence Wells was questioned in her husband's death, but never convicted. Graham and Crawford think he may be their killer. They go to talk to him and find a grey-haired Lance Henriksen sitting and waiting for them. He instantly confesses to the crimes. All the crimes. He doesn't mind going to prison for the rest of his life. He secured his legacy with his gross pole. Graham and Crawford have some news for him though. That last guy he killed? That was his own son. He killed the woman he loved and her husband after she got pregnant, and then killed what he thought was their offspring to complete the circle and end the line, but in fact that kid? That was his son. Wells does not look happy about that tidbit of information. The whole scene was weirdly abbreviated and didn't have nearly enough Henriksen in it. I mean, Henriksen's character in Millenium was basically the same dude as Graham (or at least they would have been very good friends), so they could have given him a little more screen-time.

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