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Body of Work

Abigail Hobbs (remember her?) is having nightmares. But if your dad killed girls who looked like you so that he didn't have to kill you personally, but then he slit your throat anyway, you would probably have nightmares, too. Also that thing about how you killed a guy who was kinda stalking you, but not really and then Lecter helped you cover it up? Yeah, that would probably give you a great reason not to sleep at night.

Graham apologizes to a nonplussed Crawford for his behavior at the crime scene. Crawford didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but now he's suspicious. He wants to know what Graham isn't telling him. Graham confesses that the bodies got to him, but it's all fine now. Crawford doesn't seem reassured at all. In fact, he looks downright concerned.

Turns out Abigail is now besties with the redheaded crime blogger. Personally, I would like a lot more Lecter fisticuffs and less blogger antics. The blogger wants Abigail to write a book about her father. Abigail is willing to consider it because her father's victims filed a wrongful death lawsuit and she's broke. The blogger sees her chance and springs, convincing Abigail that the only way people will believe that she didn't help her father murder women is if she tells her side of the story. Abigail goes for it.

Back at the old crime lab, more bodies are being wheeled in. Graham looks a little green around the gills as they wheel in the most recent victim. The team tells him there are at least 13 or 14 victims, but some of the bodies looked like accidental deaths. Graham is pretty sure they were all murder victims. Cut to the classroom where he is lecturing about the crime and the victims. Dr. Alana Bloom interrupts by saying, "I don't want to interrupt if you're practicing." Graham blinks and looks around-- the classroom is empty. He covers for his mental breakdown pretty well by changing the subject. He wants to know if Bloom regrets leaving his house after his crazies killed the mood during their booty call the other night. She does, but she also can't be in a relationship with him because he is unstable. She's not one to sugarcoat things. They friend hug, but Graham looks uneasy about it all.

Abigail tells her two saviors -- Lecter and Graham -- that she is writing a book and they get to be in it. They are not very excited about the prospect. When Graham balks, Abigail coldcocks him with, "Just because you killed my dad, doesn't mean you get to be him." Graham looks hurt and stung, as he should be. Lecter steps in and reminds Abigail that they all lived through the traumatic event together, and while she was the most traumatized, when she writes about that trauma, she is writing about all of them. He then points out that if she writes a book like that, she will be subject to a great deal of scrutiny. Is she ready for that? He cocks an eyebrow at her to remind her that she really doesn't want to be under scrutiny what with a certain ginger's skeleton in her closet. Cut to the great outdoors where in a frozen landscape somewhere, someone is digging up another body.

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