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Body of Work
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Someone in West Virginia is making totem poles out of doll parts. Only they are not doll parts, they are real live ...er, rather dead body parts that look like doll parts because stage craft only goes so far. Also, while this show revels in the grotesque, I think if they went all Dogme 95 and used realbody parts, someone (whoever is the '10s equivalent of Tipper Gore) would probably protest. Anway, where were we? Right, body part totem pole. Obviously when there's a 20- or 30-foot high tower of body parts bound together by rope, someone will see something and say something and then the FBI will get called. While I hope that this is some art student's senior thesis project, it's undoubtedly the work of a killer.

Jack Crawford and William Graham and the Whitman's Sampler of CSI types are all on the scene noting that some body parts are old while others are new, all are borrowed and none are blue, so the killer had either been stockpiling bits and pieces for his body collage or he borrowed from other graves for a collaborative effort. There are seven graves, but a lot more heads. Graham makes eye contact with the headpiece (an actual head, natch), which is from the most recent victim. Crawford sees the nudge and wink and, like any good wingman, clears the crime scene so Graham can do his thing. Graham is pretty sure the guy was planning his monument for a while, hoarding materials before creating the totem pole. He saved the latest victim for last so the guy could watch him at work because who doesn't like to watch an artist at work? He'd probably love to chat about it with James Lipton.

Graham gets inside the killer's head and wakes up in Hannibal Lecter's waiting room. He doesn't know how he got there and that really freaks him out. The fact that he disassociated and appeared at Lecter's office seems to worry him more than the fact that some art student is running rampant in West Virginia making totem poles out of bodies. So self-centered, right? But maybe they can talk about that later. Graham wants an MRI, but Lecter thinks he just needs to talk. He wants to hear about the crime scene. Graham tells him about the totem pole and Lecter tells him that his work forces him to empathize with the killer so much that he is disassociating and losing time. Lecter doesn't want him to hurt someone while he's blacked out. He doesn't want Graham to wake up to a totem of his own making. Lecter seems intent on scaring the tuna salad out of Graham and separating Graham and Crawford. When he says things like that it makes you wonder if he will set Graham up e.g. Graham will blackout, Lecter will make a body-part totem and Graham will think he did it and then Graham will have to be his BFF.

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