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Let's Bee Friends

We start in the dream stream. Will is narrating his technique for preparing a fly. At first I assumed he was just talking into the air, but his student is actually Abigail Hobbs. It's nice that people get to show up even after they're dead. He's going to teach her to fish, since she already knows how to hunt. She claims that stalking and luring are the same thing. He's trying to catch "the one that caught you." They seem to be having a good time. Will explains that the final step before casting is to name your bait after someone you cherish. That's weird. He named his bait "Abigail."

Will glowers by himself in his cell. The naked-corpse mural appears in the center of his eye. Dr. Katz is here to see him, and she says The killer was named James Gray, and his cool killer name is "The Muralist." Even the killer had a name that was a color? That's dumb. I also object to it being called a "mural," because a mural is supposed to be on the wall, not the floor. But I will go along with convention. Will thinks Gray worked alone until he was convinced to be part of it. Katz realizes where he's going with this and asks him not to say that the person who killed him was Hannibal Lecter. Will answers, "I'm saying Hannibal Lecter." He doesn't want Katz to just believe him; he wants Katz to prove it for him. He thinks there will be a very clever, hidden clue on James Gray, because that's the sort of thing an egomaniac like Hannibal would do. Katz is willing to go look for details, but she's skeptical. Will tells her, "Just as long as you're looking. You look out there. I'll look in here." I feel like most of the clues are probably not going to be in Will's cell.

Look out! A bee! He has a knife for a bottom! The bee flies around for a bit (like a very small air shark), then returns to its hive, which is full of computer-generated bees. And then it flies out of a person's mouth, because the hive appears to be partially inside a dead body. That's unusual!

Now Will is in his cage, meeting with Dr. Chilton. This is Chilton's hospital; why does Will have to go get in the cage to have him as a visitor? Will tells Chilton he'll give him the same deal he gave Katz. Chilton won't quite admit to recording all of Will's conversations, and he's also skeptical about what Will could offer him. Will says he's sure he's "quite the topic of conversation in psychiatric circles." Chilton goes on about how Will is pretending to be a confused, wounded bird when he talks to anyone else, but Will acts like a classic psychopath around Chilton. Will suggests that there are three possibilities: he's either delusional, psychopathic, or right about Hannibal Lecter. Will offers to let Chilton become" the first and last word on the mind of Will Graham." Chilton is strolling around pompously (it's really the only way to stroll when you're carrying a silver-topped cane), so when Will leans forward, Chilton steps backward hastily. What Will wants in return for allowing Chilton to psychoanalyze him is for Chilton not to discuss him or his therapy with Hannibal. Will says, "I am now under your exclusive care."

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