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Dinner is Served

Crawford is having nightmares that Graham will be killed by the Ripper. Hannibal is cooking again. He pulls out a liver or maybe lungs? And flips through his Rolodex to find, um, the finest local ingredients. In the crime lab, the bodies are stacking up, each missing specific organs. They still believe he's an organ harvester, but they are confused by the fact that he's taking things like spleen, which isn't transplanted very often, and intestines. One guy laughingly suggests that the Ripper is making sausage, which, of course, he is. Lecter's kitchen is filled with offal and, natch, sausage-making equipment. It's hard to tell whether he is escalating or just making a point that the Ripper is still out there and active and on a roll and a bit of a Julia Child, to boot.

Graham was supposed to swing by Lecter's place for another one of their not-therapy sessions, but instead he ended up taking a nap filled with bad dreams. He awakes to find Lecter standing over him. They go through the crime scene photos that served as Graham's bedtime story. Lecter is especially intrigued by a photo of a detached arm holding a cell phone. Graham tells him that the Ripper used that arm, which once belonged to Crawford's trainee, to humiliate Crawford and that he succeeded in that mission. Lecter looks like he's smiling on the inside.

Back at his office, Katz gives Crawford an idea about where the crimes are taking place. She thinks an ambulance would be a great place to extract body parts in a semi-professional environment without anyone noticing. Crawford suddenly has a full picture of the case and with that inspiration goes off to capture the killer. For no apparent reasons he grabs Graham and Lecter - because he's standing there with Graham - and takes them on the chase for the killer who he thinks is the Ripper. Lecter of course can't wait to go watch them catch "The Ripper." It is quite inexplicable why Crawford is bringing them along as neither of them has anything to do with actual FBI footwork and why would they need a profiler and the profiler's psychiatrist slowing them down during a manhunt, but I guess whatever, show.

The plus-sized team heads to a local paramedic company's HQ and sure enough an ambulance is missing. They track the GPS and quickly find the killer elbow deep in a man. As Crawford draws on him, the killer swears he can't put his hands up or else the man would die. Crawford conscripts Lecter, who looks peeved at being asked to risk his ascot and linens on some bloody dude, but can't say no under the circumstances. So as Crawford makes the arrest, Lecter saves the victim's life while Graham watches.

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