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Dinner is Served

Lecter has an appointment with the patient he ran into at the opera. The man admits that he went to the opera in the hopes of seeing Lecter, a fact Lecter finds fascinating. The man admits that it makes him sad that he has to pay to see Lecter, and Lecter calmly points out that he is his doctor, not his friend. Cut to Gillian Anderson a.k.a. Dana Scully playing Lecter's therapist. She tells him flatly that she knows he is not being honest with her and thinks that he is "wearing a very well tailored person suit," which is not at all foreshadowing of The Silence of the Lambs. She thinks Lecter must be very lonely, but he contends that he has friends and he has her. She quietly smiles that she is his doctor and colleague, but not his friend, which, of course, we've heard before. She offers him a glass of wine and admits that she likes him enough to drink with him, but not to be his friend.

Cut to Lecter pouring a glass of wine for Graham who is now seeing his therapist/friend. Lecter assures Graham that he's not his doctor and they are just having "conversations." This episode is built like a Jacob's Ladder and I can't decide whether it's dizzyingly annoying or kind of brilliant. As they chat, Graham tells him that Crawford thinks the Ripper is back, but he knows that the Ripper would never be so sloppy.

In a flashback, Lecter gets a medical check up from an independent medical examiner, which I guess is not a doctor? In the present, Lecter pulls the man's card out of his Rolodex and a recipe out of his recipe box. The independent medical examiner pulls over to the side of the road with car trouble. Lecter pulls up alongside him and leans over him. Cut to the crime lab where the medical examiner lies on a slab with his kidney and heart missing. As the team debates whether this is the work of the real Ripper or an imposter, Lecter is at home stuffing a heart, wrapping pancetta around it and readying it for roasting. The team decides that due to the nature of the organ removals, the Ripper may be merely an organ harvester who uses the brutality of the crimes as a means of covering up his true motives. His motives being cheap dinner, apparently.

That night, Lecter is cooking once again for Dr. Bloom even serving her his own homebrew, which she views as an honor when we all know that getting served homebrew is a recipe for practicing your lying skills. Lecter invited Bloom over to grill her about Graham, but she won't take the bait. She wants everyone to leave him alone. She does leak that Crawford is obsessed with the Ripper and will do anything to catch him. Lecter looks intrigued but merely says he hopes that Crawford catches the killer.

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