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Sweet Nothings

Later, Hannibal arrives on Dr. Du Maurier's doorstep with an elaborate meal under glass. No disposable plastic ware for him. Du Maurier has asserted in the past that she is not Hannibal's friend, but intimate dinners are apparently not out of the question. Hannibal says he's going to visit Will one last time: "As a farewell, of sorts." As they dig into their smoked veal, Du Maurier notes that it's a rather controversial dish. She gives him an odd smile and makes happy sounds as she eats. "Those who denounce veal often cite the age at which the animal was killed," Hannibal says. How old was Abigail? 18? 19? Du Maurier tells Hannibal to be careful, as people are starting to see his pattern. She mentions his penchant for patients who are prone to violence, but one wonders if that's the only pattern to which she's referring. She's nearly as cool as Hannibal; it makes her hard to read.

The next morning, Hannibal goes to the Baltimore State Hospital. With his back to the guards and where he need not don his person mask, he makes an odd expression. For several seconds, he just closes his eyes and breathes. Is he steeling himself? Savoring the moment? He walks down a glum hallway to stand before Will's cell. "Hello, Will," he says simply. Will gets up from his meager bed, faces Hannibal through the bars, and says, "Hello, Dr. Lecter." Will looks neither glad nor angry to see him, but something has changed. It makes Hannibal smile just slightly -- a tease that will have to tide us over until next season.

Tippi Blevins enjoys a good veggie burger, with or without a nice chianti. Email her at b_tippi@yahoo.com, or find her @TippiB.

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