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Sweet Nothings

Alana and Jack question Dr. Du Maurier, who notes that Hannibal missed his appointment with her. She thinks Hannibal may still be trying to help Will, but Alana fears Will could end up killing his doctor friend without realizing it. This could have all been accomplished on the phone, but then they'd miss out on seeing Dr. Du Maurier's gorgeousness in person.

As Will makes his way through Abigail's house, he sees back to the moment that Garret Jacob Hobbs got the warning phone call. Will himself takes the phone and hears Hannibal's voice calling to him. It's a dream, but a helpful one. When he wakes, he and Hannibal venture through the house for real. What luck that the doors are unlocked. Will remembers the night they brought Abigail back to the house with Alana. Abigail suggests they reenact the crime, casting Hannibal as the mystery caller. Another helpful tidbit.

He leads Hannibal to the kitchen where Abigail's blood still stains the floor. Hannibal points out that the body hasn't been found and suggests that Will, thinking himself Garret Jacob Hobbs, has "honored every part of her." That's a lot of Abigail to eat all at once. "Perhaps you didn't come here looking for a killer," Hannibal's suggests. "Perhaps you came here to find yourself." They acknowledge that each is as alone as the other. Hannibal wants not to be alone, so he pushes hard the idea that Will has been harboring these urges all along and only hid from them. But Will is not to be seduced. "I know who I am," he says. "I'm not so sure I know who you are anymore." He pulls out a gun and aims at Hannibal. He knows Hannibal was the one who made the phone call, and Abigail knew it, too. It's taken him this long to see Hannibal for who he really is because he has no traceable motive, as Will says. Unless you count a fancy dinner party to be motive. While Will sobs and trembles at these epiphanies, Hannibal regards him with almost alien cool. He's curious, but unafraid, even when Will gets ready to shoot.

Jack interrupts this tense standoff and shoots Will. Will falls to the floor, wounded but alive. Over Jack's shoulder, he sees Hannibal as the stag-man, antlers nearly brushing against the ceiling.

As Will recuperates in the hospital, Hannibal sits at his bedside. If you don't mind him secretly putting human meat in your omelets and framing you for murder once in a while, Hannibal is a pretty good friend to have. When Jack comes in, Hannibal tells him that Will is an induced coma while the antivirals and steroids get to work on his inflamed brain. Will is expected to recover - physically, at least. Hannibal makes like Will forced him at gunpoint to go to Minnesota. "I believe I've failed to satisfy my obligation to Will," he says. His self-assigned obligation to turn Will into a killer like himself, of course. "He's not your victim," Jack assures him. "Nor is he yours," Hannibal says. They sit together and watch Will sleep.

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