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Sweet Nothings

Back at the lab, Jimmy has taken apart Will's homemade fishing lures. Four of them contain human remains. Beverly points out a lure made with Cassie Boyle's bone fragments, another with Georgia Madchen's hair. "He took trophies of all his victims," Brian says to Jack and Alana. Alana's having a hard time believing that Will is a serial killer.

Jack goes to the interview room, where Will is busy hallucinating the shadowy figure of the stag-man. "You're sick, Will," Jack says, pulling him back to the present. "I wasn't consistent with taking my antibiotics," he admits. That's how you get drug-resistant superbugs. And craziness. Jack assures him he'll get whatever treatment he needs, then tells him about all the gross fishing lures they found. The fact that they were made with human bits is news to Will. "I wasn't sick when Cassie Boyle was murdered," he says. He realizes somebody has to be setting him up. Jack, of course, doesn't buy this, and places him under arrest.

Will is then loaded into an ambulance bound for the hospital. While his guard isn't paying attention, Will dislocates his own thumb and pulls free of his handcuffs. The guard never sees him coming.

After a commercial break to recover from that badassery, Jack and Alana go to Hannibal's office. They tell him that Will disarmed the guard, then kicked him and the driver out of the ambulance. "These are not the actions of an innocent man," Jack says. "They're the actions of a man who's impaired," Alana says. Alana shows Hannibal the wonky clock drawing. In turn, Hannibal shows them a clock that Will drew two weeks earlier. It's completely normal. And completely forged. Alana, still searching for a medical explanation, hits on encephalitis as a cause for Will's behavior. Jack is still convinced that Will is a psychopath and that he warned Abigail's father. Hannibal plays into Jack's suspicions, saying that Will was alone in the office and had the opportunity to make that call. Even Alana has to admit that Will could have faked his most recent clock test.

After Alana and Jack have gone, Hannibal's keen senses pick up on some minute smell or sound, or shift in electrical current like a shark does. "Hello, Will." He's taken up residence between Hannibal's bookshelves. He says he's feeling self-aware. He says he could have believed he killed Abigail, but knows he didn't kill the others. Hannibal talks him through the series of murders. As he does so, Will sees blackened versions of the victims, their bodies painted like the stag-man's. Every time Will offers up a reason he couldn't have committed the crime, Hannibal counters him with careful evidence to the contrary. He asks Hannibal to Minnesota. "I want to see where Abigail died." So they get their Winchester on and hop into Hannibal's car for a thousand-mile road trip.

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