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Roland and the Legless Mural Painter

At the scene, Hannibal says that Piero della Francesca once put himself in a fresco. He injects John Doe 21 and watches as his pupil shrinks. Hannibal tells him, "We'll finish it together. When your great eye looked to the heavens, what did it see?" Mr. 21 says, "There is no God." Hannibal uses what is actually one of my favorite all-purpose comebacks: "Certainly not with that attitude." He finishes his work and says, "Your eye will now see God reflected back. It will see you." Because the reflection in the eyeball, which is meant to represent God, will, in fact, be him. Very artsy. Hannibal strokes the man's face.

Will is back in his cage because he has a visitor. It's Kade Purnell, from the office of the Inspector General, and she does FBI oversight. She's also Cynthia Nixon, if that's interesting to you. She explains that Will's guilt is assumed, so the only question is whether he knew what he was doing. Dr. Bloom is saying the FBI made him a murderer, but the FBI says he was always a murderer. Their theory is that Will conspired with his neurologist to create a disease and then killed him to cover his tracks. But as I remember, the neurologist said there was nothing physically wrong with Will, because Hannibal convinced her to lie about it. She walks up to the cage (making her the person to show no fear while also thinking Will's a killer) and suggests that if he pleads guilty, the FBI could avoid the unpleasantness of a trial and Will could be made comfortable in whatever institutions he ends up in. She reminds him that if he's found guilty, he'll get the death penalty. Will shrugs, "I guess I'll have to save my own life."

He closes his eyes and returns to fishing in the river in his mind. But now the river is full of dead bodies.

A buzzer sounds and Will looks around. This time, he's greeting a visitor from his cell. I can't figure out this hospital's visitor policies at all. He doesn't know Bedelia Du Maurier by sight, but he recognizes her name. She wanted to meet him before she withdraws from "social ties," which is code for "Gillian Anderson got a job on a different series." She says that she believes Hannibal did what he thought was best for him, and that Will can survive this. She walks up to the bars and a guard shouts at her to stay behind the white line. It looks almost like they're going to kiss? She whispers, "I believe you" before she's led away.

Hannibal, in his plastic suit, walks among some furniture covered with cleaning cloths. There's a crystal decanter with perfume. We hear Du Maurier telling him that he's dangerous, and the episode ends.

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