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Roland and the Legless Mural Painter

Hannibal has a menu card for Veal Osso Buco, which is traditionally made with veal shank. But I guess human shank could work. He saws this leg into chunks, flours the chunks of leg, cuts onions, and so forth. He sniffs and pours wine into a pan, which flames up. This looks so good, you guys. I know I'm supposed to distance myself from that by saying "I know it's human meat," but come on. This looks unambiguously delicious. Hannibal is eating alone.

Jack sits down with Dr. Du Maurier. She says this may have to be their last conversation about Hannibal, because she has no more insight to offer. And future insight is out because it would be irresponsible of her to keep seeing him. She doesn't feel secure, so she's recusing herself. She says, "Hannibal and I were both traumatized by dangerous patients. Hannibal had his Will Graham and I had mine." Jack suggests that Hannibal could help her work through her issues, but she declines. She would also prefer that the FBI not contact her.

Katz and Hannibal are talking to Will, who gets an awful lot of visitors. Will thinks they'll burn him out before his trial. Katz hands him the picture of the body-mural, but she's standing as far away as she possibly can. Hannibal says that in the 19th century, people thought the last thing you saw before you died would be imprinted on your retina. I think it's cheating to lead the witness like that.

Will closes his eyes.

He's standing in the middle of the eye, holding the picture. He starts channeling the killer by delivering an unsettling speech: "I made you pliable. Molded you. Set and sealed you where you lay. This is my design. A dead eye of vision and consciousness. I am fixed and unseeing. Unless someone else sees me." Then he does the "One of these things is not like the others" song from Sesame Street. He doesn't actually sing it, but he's saying the words as he examines John Doe 21. He declares that body "not my design." He hears hooves, looks up, and there's a human head with antlers looking down at him through the hole in the ceiling.

Now Will is the extra naked body that's sewn into the center of the mural. A little something for the ladies in the audience. We see Hannibal sewing him in and talking about being created in God's image.

Back in the cell, Will announces that John Doe 21 is the killer. And, he adds, "Whoever sewed him in took a piece of him. As a trophy." Hannibal suggests that he had a friend.

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