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Roland and the Legless Mural Painter

Hannibal is in his plastic suit (which is a third kind of suit he wears, in addition to the previously mentioned "person" and "clothing") and walks up to a silo. There's a new lock on one of them, so that's obviously the important one. He climbs up the ladder and goes to the hole on top. The music is very impressed by this as he looks down at the bodies, which kind of form an eyeball. Well, the pupil and iris, anyway. It's not a three-dimensional ball. We see it reflected in Hannibal's eyeball. It's got kind of a Busby Berkeley effect, although without the movement. And then the door opens and the killer enters! I was worried about Hannibal's head being clearly visible in the hole in the ceiling, but Hannibal has a different approach. He says, in a loud, clear voice, "Hello. I love your work."

Now the police are all over the cornfield. Hannibal asks Katz how they found it. Hannibal's idea to look in the cracks turned up corn dust, and Will said "go upstream." And once they did, I imagine they noticed that fleet of stolen cars pretty quickly. Hannibal has removed his plastic suit, which is probably a good idea. Jack is going to take Hannibal into the silo, although he warns Hannibal that he's never seen anything like this. Hannibal agrees, "I'm sure I haven't." Katz looks at two arms sewn together. It's still pretty gross.

Inside the silo, Jack waxes philosophical and Hannibal goes on about DNA. He asks what it looks like from above: "Is the killer looking at God?" His idea is that it's an eyeball with a reflection in the pupil, so whatever's shown there is whatever the giant eye is looking at. The middle used to be Roland, but now it's a white guy. Roland was more of an umber, which is why I think the name "Roland Umber" feels like a placeholder name that the writers forgot to replace. Hannibal says that the killer sees materials, not people. Jack gets a thoughtful look, and now we're watching Jack's psych evaluation, in which he, too, claims to see his employees as materials, not people. Will Graham was a means to an end. But knowing that Will descended to such savage behavior has changed the way Jack sees him. It's not just the guilt of pushing Will so hard: "I look at my friend and I see a killer." And he's having trouble reconcile those two things, which seems reasonable to me.

There's a body the police can't identify. He's John Doe 21, but really he's the killer, presumably because Hannibal killed him and stitched him into the pattern. It's none of my business, but I think Hannibal should maybe consider not killing people for a little while. You know, just wait until Will gets executed, then you can get back to business. John Doe 21's leg was removed (and we see Hannibal sawing it off), and in the words of the metaphor, he changed colors mid-brushstroke. Jack decides the initial plan was to just do an eyeball, but a reflection was added at the last minute: "The question is, how did he find his faith?" I think it's a much better work of art with the reflection in there. Before, it was just a representation of an eyeball, but now it's got some actual interpretation involved.

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