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Roland and the Legless Mural Painter

It's time for Hannibal to treat Will. Is "treat" the right verb here? Psychoanalyze? Mentally torture? You get the idea. Will is in his cage, and Hannibal is supposed to stay very far from him because prisoners have been trying to urinate on their therapists. Thera-pissed, am I right? Nailed it. Will promises he's not going to pee on him, so Hannibal moves his chair closer. He admits that there's always a power differential between therapist and patient, even when one of them isn't in a tiny cage. Will says they're just having conversations. Hannibal gently probes to see if Will has remembered anything to incriminate him, and he tells him that any memories will be distortions. Will says the only thing that feels normal is trying to analyze violence. Hannibal asks what he saw in the pictures. According to Will, the killer isn't hanging his victims up; he's stitching them together into a human mural. And he's missing pieces.

Now Katz is here to see Will in his cell, because he's the only person in the whole FBI who's any good at analyzing crime scenes. Will says Hannibal recommended against dwelling on murders. He's obviously not going to follow that advice, but he wants something in return. In passing, he mentions that he knows that Chilton is recording every word. Will wants Katz to ignore all the evidence against him, but she can't do that. I think that's reasonable, because she was the person who found a lot of that evidence. He compromises by asking her to start over. She gives him the file, but she obviously doesn't want to get too close to the bars. Note the contrast between her and Hannibal, although I guess Hannibal had the advantage of knowing that Will isn't really guilty. He asks, "Do you mind if I do this privately?" She does. She pulls up a chair to watch his process.

Will turns away from her, opens the envelope, and looks at pictures of Roland. He closes his eyes.

In his mind, he's in the morgue-lab. He comments that Roland's skin isn't as discolored as the other victims they've found. In fact, he thinks the body looks pretty good, so why would it get thrown away? He fingers the rip in the envelope. Katz confirms that Roland was in an outpatient treatment program for heroin, meaning he had a high tolerance. According to Will, Roland survived the heroin overdose that was supposed to kill him. And then, "He tore himself free. He ran." He's right, but I don't think he's entirely capturing the doomed heroism of it. Will says the killer didn't put him in the water on purpose, so his lair will be upstream of wherever Roland was found. Someplace big, like a warehouse or a farm. Will asks what Hannibal thought, but then he realizes that he doesn't think Hannibal said what he thinks. If he's going to pretend to trust Hannibal enough to let him work on his mind, he should keep thoughts like that to himself.

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