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Roland and the Legless Mural Painter

The victim from the opening scene has found his way to the police morgue. Or lab. Whatever it is. Price says this guy is Roland Umber. I feel that they should have resisted the urge to give him a name that's also a color. It's a little obvious. They think the killer tore him down from a display. And he sustained a lot of postmortem injuries in the river, which make it hard to figure out what happened to him when. Hannibal is in everyone's way, which presents one of the very rare moments of him not being in control of everything. when Jack brings him to the side of the room, Hannibal suggests that there might be trace evidence in the craquelure, or cracks in the varnish. Dr. Katz decides to share "her" theory that that the victims were a color palette. Hannibal likes the idea of somebody purposely seeing skin color, since it's generally considered inappropriate. And then it's time for absolutely nobody to believe that Katz came up with this idea on her own. Hannibal says it's as if Will Graham were here in the room. Jack glares at her.

Once Jack has dragged Katz into a separate room, he asks, "How's Will Graham? Shut your mouth." I realize that second sentence wasn't part of the question, but he didn't give her a chance to answer. She says she had to go to Will because she knew Jack wouldn't. If I could tie this in to Manhunter for a moment, I think this development makes a lot more sense here than it does when it's Will going to Hannibal Lecter, unprompted. At least Will has experience investigating weird murders, you know? Jack says that Will's either delusional or a psychopath, neither of which is useful to him. If he's delusional, Jack blames himself for what happened. But if he's a psychopath, Jack's gut is wrong. At any rate, the FBI is currently investigating Jack, so he would very much prefer his department not be doing unusual things like calling in accused serial killers as consultants. And there's going to be a psych eval on Jack. Katz offers to not go back, so Jack declares the whole conversation non-existent. He wanted to yell at her, but he seemingly doesn't want to actually tell her not to talk to Will. He asks her, "Do you know what your job is?" She does. "Then do it."

Hannibal studies the cracks that have formed in the lacquer on Roland's leg. I think he might be smelling them, which is a pretty good way to sense trace elements.. He sees corn stalks that seem to grow out of the leg. The scene changes so he's still standing by the surgical table, but in the middle of a corn field. He smiles a tiny, tiny bit and turns off the light.

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