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Roland and the Legless Mural Painter

Dr. Bloom and Dr. Lecter are visiting Will in the hospital. In Manhunter, the hospital was an art museum (the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, according to IMDB), so it had a lot of white walls and open space. This version is a lot more like a jail. Will has to sit in a tiny cage when he has visitors. Will says he's the unreliable narrator of his own story, because he doesn't know what's real anymore. Bloom says he can't see pieces of himself. Will doesn't know who he is anymore and he's afraid to believe either that he did it or that Hannibal did it. He felt so betrayed by Hannibal, and that betrayal was all that felt real. Hannibal wants to help him. I think Will should consider a different therapist, but he breaks down crying and says he needs Hannibal's help.

Will is led into his cell (which seems pretty big when it's compared to the visiting cage) and sits on his cot. The guards walk away and his breakdown ends immediately. He looks ominously into the camera. Will's got some kind of plan, I guess.

Dr. Du Maurier comes to Hannibal's office, although she won't be staying long. I'm just glad to see the office, because it's one of my favorite sets, and with Will out of the way, it seems like we're not going to have a lot of excuses to see it. She's here to tell Hannibal she will no longer be his therapist. She explains, "I have reached the limit of my efficacy. I don't believe I can help you." Yeah, no kidding. Hannibal reminds her that she tried to end their relationship before, but now she has begun to question his actions. She's not talking about all those elaborate murders; she specifically, is wondering about his actions regarding her and her attack. But she will not be sharing her thoughts with Jack Crawford or make specific accusations. She backs up as Hannibal walks toward her. She describes him as wearing a "person suit," which I think is unfair, considering that he's also wearing a "clothing suit." And a nice one, too! Hannibal is always very well dressed, although I sometimes find his fabric choices a little daring. Actually, have you ever noticed that Hannibal has the same sartorial sense as RuPaul? I mean, when RuPaul is wearing a suit, not when he's in a dress. I may have gotten slightly distracted from the task of describing what's happening in this scene. Dr. Du Maurier asks Hannibal not to come to her home again. So she'd prefer to be murdered somewhere else? As she starts to leave, Hannibal tells her he's resuming Will Graham's therapy.

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