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Roland and the Legless Mural Painter

Before we get into this week's episode, I have a bonus recap for you! As you may know, Hannibal is officially an adaptation of the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon. So I watched Manhunter, the first adaptation. It's from 1986, and it was directed by Michael Mann. As Will Graham, William Peterson has just the right amount of facial stubble to let you know it's a movie by the guy that had created Miami Vice two years earlier. Aside from a bunch of characters with similar names, there isn't all that much tying Hannibal to Manhunter. Brian Cox's Hannibal doesn't even eat people! He just killed some college girls or something. The series will presumably cover these events in season three, but I can't imagine it being anything like this movie. There's a lot of talk about the technology of crime investigation, which feels a little silly 27 years later. There are fax machines and top-loading VCRs, which, honestly, stopped being high-tech just a few years later. Okay, that concludes the bonus recap. Next week: the movie Red Dragon, which is the same story, but by Brett Ratner! And with a lot more Hannibal, because Anthony Hopkins.

Okay, with that out of the way, let's move on to the series at hand. Remember that guy who woke up all lacquered up in the middle of a bunch of naked dead bodies? He's sewn to the bodies around him, and he doesn't seem happy about it at all. He pulls himself away, and we see his skin and flesh tearing as he does so. It's pretty gruesome. As opposed to the food we usually get, which is pretty and gruesome. Once he's ripped himself away, he climbs over the corpses to the door and bursts out. Even though it was padlocked from the outside! But everything is not fine, because as soon as he's in the open, there's a pickup truck coming at him. He tries to hide behind one of the many abandoned cars, but any time he touches anything, his open wounds cause problems. He did just rip big chunks of his body off a couple minutes ago. He hides in an empty car, but his pursuer has a gun and a searchlight and he knows which car he's in. Luckily for the intended victim, he escapes into a corn field. This gentleman has a lot of drive. He could have decided to be traumatized back to the stone age, but he seems really committed to the idea of escape. The pursuer turns off the searchlight, and when he turns it back on, it's right in the victim's face. The victim runs out of the cornfield and a shot narrowly misses him. He gets into some trees, but now he has to stop because at the edge of a cliff above a river. Clearly, he's going to have to jump for it, Butch and Sundance style. He makes an admirable jump, and just for a second it looks like he's going to make it to the water and escape. But he bounces off a rock right before he reaches the river and floats away, dead. Too bad. I was rooting for him.

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