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He’s Baaaaack
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Remember a few weeks ago when Eddie Izzard played Dr. Abel Gideon, the formerly mild-mannered transplant surgeon who killed his wife and her family during the holidays? The Dr. Gideon who everyone suspected was also the serial killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper who killed a nurse in grandiose style and caused the real Ripper (namely, Hannibal Lecter) to come out of retirement to prevent a lesser murderer from sullying his good serial killing name? Well, Gideon is back and Eddie Izzard and his weird American accent are back. Anyway, over a lovely dinner of "Indian curry" made from "lamb" but is really only god knows what (and probably disapproves of) Lecter skillfully gets the doctor to admit that he has been using "psychic driving" to convince Gideon that he was the Chesapeake Ripper, when he really was just a guy who killed his wife. It's something that Dr. Bloom and Will Graham had accused Chilton of doing with Gideon, which he had denied, but it is definitely something that Lecter is doing to Graham. Lecter assures him that this is a judgment-free zone and that he should just deny everything. Lecter tells Chilton that he was trying too hard with his whole convincing Gideon he was the Ripper thing, adding that the subject must not be aware of any influence. Cut to Will Graham, who we now know is suffering from encephalitis that is untreated thanks to Lecter. He is having some serious nightmares involving that gross-out human totem pole and melting of the polar ice caps and night sweats bad enough to wake his dogs.

Over at the psychiatric hospital, Gideon is suing Dr. Chilton for convincing him that he was the Ripper using the "psychic driving" technique. They swap witty but unnecessary repartee like: "You told me you were the Chesapeake Ripper," to which Gideon retorts, "You told me I was the Chesapeake Ripper!" When Gideon is being transported to court, he manages to kill the guards after doling out helpful relationship advice to the guards like, "Don't divorce your wife, kill her! It's so much easier." Gideon is then free to exact his extra-legal revenge against psychiatrists.

Cut to Graham standing by an emptied out armored car covered with bloodstains and no sign of Dr. Gideon or the guards. Graham recreates the massacre in his mind and realizes that Gideon killed three men with one hand tied behind his back, more or less. Graham snaps out of his trance and Crawford asks him if he thinks that Gideon still thinks he's the Ripper. Graham thinks Gideon is torn about it. Speaking of "torn," Gideon removed the guards organs and strung them up like super-goth Christmas ornaments. Graham notes that the Ripper would not have left the organs behind, but is probably trying to get the real Ripper's attention. The Ripper is heading back to Baltimore.

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