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Who Dunnit?
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Will Graham is recovering from his fever in the hospital. He has a nice next door neighbor in the shape of Georgia Madchen, the woman who hid underneath his bed and tried to kill him and definitely killed her former best friend. Graham relates to her, though, because they are both suffering from mental illness that is affecting their behavior to psychotic extremes. Their minds are warped by reasons beyond their control and that's enough to at least strike up a conversation while they are both in the hospital. So he goes to visit her in the giant Habitrail oxygen tube in which she is recuperating. When Georgia mentions that she almost remembers killing her friend, but doesn't want to, Graham asks, "You dream about killing anyone else?" She admits that she dreams that he killed Dr. Sutcliffe, but confesses that she couldn't see his face. Graham looks displeased.

Speaking of killers, Will wakes up to find Hannibal Lecter in his hospital room. He's made him chicken soup, with creepy black chicken of course because like that bumper sticker everyone had in college, "Why be Normal?" Graham wants to know if Lecter told Jack Crawford about his mental state and how he is hallucinating and losing time. Lecter, however, wants to know what Georgia is remembering. Graham assures him that she doesn't want to remember anything. It seems pretty clear that Lecter will make sure of that.

Cut to Georgia waking up in her oxygen tube with a start. She looks around, sees nothing, but finds a comb. Being bored she picks it up and runs it through her hair. A small static spark ignites the oxygen and she goes up in flame. Remember that scene in Ghostbusters where [spoiler alert] the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man goes up in flames and is half melting and flailing around? It's like that by way grosser. Death by static electricity is a bitch, apparently.

Graham wanders the halls of the hospital and is apparently on the clock because he heads to Georgia's room where Crawford and the team are working. The team tells him that the hospital thinks something in the machine shorted out and Georgia wasn't wearing her grounding bracelet, which presumably is meant to prevent static charges from building up and killing you like the worst static shock ever. I mean, thank god my brothers didn't know that was even a possibility when we were growing up. Anyway, the team hypothesizes that maybe it was suicide by static shock. Graham, who is in his jammies, doesn't buy it. He assures that that she wasn't suicidal, she was sick. He knows this because he talked to her. Crawford reminds him that she was facing murder charges and tried to kill him and that he compromised the case against her by chit-chatting with her. Graham rolls his eyes and points out that she's, like, super toaster caked and the case against her really doesn't matter anymore.

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