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If your dad was a serial killer who offed your mom and slit your throat, you would probably have nightmares. That's why it shouldn't be surprising that Abigail awakes from her coma due to a dark and twisty dream where her father, Garrett Jacob Hobbes, serial killer and cannibal extraordinaire, was teaching her to hunt deer.

For some reason, Jack Crawford a.k.a. El Jefe is convinced that Abigail was an accomplice to her father's crimes, but William disagrees. Neither of them seem to have any basis for their opinion other than gut instinct. However, Will may be acting on an emotional level as he seems haunted by the fact that Abigail has no one left for her. When Will's doctor/friend Alana Bloom tells him the news that Abigail woke up, Will wants to help, but as they sit in his house drinking coffee surrounded by a baker's dozen of dogs, Bloom advises him against collecting another stray. William swears he's not, but as anyone can tell just by looking at him, he's not good with boundaries. Bloom asks him to let her talk to Abigail first and see what she can figure out about the girl. At the hospital, it turns out that Abigail doesn't know if her parents are dead. Bloom confirms her suspicions and tells her that her mother was cremated, but her father's Facebook status is "It's Complicated." Abigail shrugs, "Because he's crazy?" and when Bloom doesn't respond, Abigail turns back to her magazine. No tears, no emotion. Is it a sign of shock? Or sociopathy? Only time and careful psychoanalysis will tell.

Back at FBI HQ, Jack Crawford has called in both Bloom and Hannibal Lecter to help him suss out whether Abigail is capable of helping them find the remains of her father's victims. The victims' families want answers and Abigail is the only one who may be able to help. Bloom isn't sure that Abigail is up for it. She notes that the girl has a penchant for manipulation and a sharp lack of emotion, but she's more concerned about her state of mind, what with her father killing her mother and trying to kill her. Lecter wants William to speak to her, but Bloom thinks that's a terrible idea. Jack reminds Bloom that Lecter is actually Will's doctor, so she has no say in the matter.

Over at the university, Will is lecturing on Hobbes' case, even though just as of last week it was still an active investigation. Suspending disbelief! Will is explaining to whatever sickos signed up for the lecture that Hobbes' abducted and murdered eight girls, but there was a ninth victim who was the work of a copycat. Just as he's describing the vanity and arrogance and skill of the copycat killer, Jack and Lecter walk in. As they listen in on his lecture, Will expounds on his theory that the copycat killer called Hobbes to warn him that the FBI was about to raid his house. Lecter looks bemused.

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