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Gone Fishin'

Jack enters the house where Will used to live. He takes off his silly sunglasses that look like Laurence Fishburne he kept them from the Matrix set and turns around. Winston the Dog is on the front porch. Jack tells Winston, "I suppose you blame me too, huh?" Later, Dr. Bloom comes in and joins the party while Jack and Winston are chilling on the bed. Winston seems like a good dog. He's very cheerful. The humans discuss the Will situation. Jack accepts that his judgment needed to be questioned, and that her report will help in Will's defense. But Will wants to blame Hannibal, which they don't think will be an effective defense. The plan seems to be to try to get Will to remember what he did so that he can accept it.

Will keeps fishing in his dreams. Or hallucinations or visions or whatever they are. Jack is on the shore. Hi, Jack! He's also outside Will's cell, so Jack has to return to reality. Although the hospital looks pretty depressing, so I think he ability to wish himself into a stream is a positive. Jack claims he's here to remind himself who Will was. Will says he was almost certain that Hannibal did this to him, but he had no evidence, not even a memory. But now he's recovered a memory, so he's sure he's on the right track. Jack says they've investigated Hannibal thoroughly and found nothing. Very early in the conversation, Jack snaps that he can't hear Will's stories about Hannibal anymore. Hey, you're the one who came to bother him, pal. In a brazen attempt to get into the episode promos, Will tells him, "I am not the intelligent psychopath you're looking for." Jack says, "Goodbye," which is not nearly as promo-ready. Will says Jack will eventually believe him. In, say, twelve weeks?

Hannibal looks at an empty chair in his office. His office looks great. This whole show looks great. Have you noticed how great this show looks? It's so...symmetrical.

A complete change of scene shows us some grain silos. I think. They might be some other kind of silo. They're giant round buildings on a farm, anyway.

The latest victim (the guy with nice skin) wakes up with his hand stuck to his face and his body all shellacked. This does not seem to please him. Also, he's surrounded by naked bodies. The face next to him makes him scream. We pull out to see that he's sort of in the fetal position. And then we pull back farther to see lots more bodies around him. The bodies fill in the bottom of the silo in a complete circle. Was this guy the last piece? It seems weird to end with the guy in the middle, but I guess I've never had to fill a silo with preserved dead bodies.

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