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Gone Fishin'

A subway car full of people. A young black man has his hand on one of those poles you hold onto to keep from falling over, but he moves it when someone else caresses his hand. And if that weren't weird enough (which it is), the offscreen man says, "You have nice skin."

Washington DC at night. A car alarm goes off, so the guy with the nice skin comes outside and shuts it off. There's a plastic bag hanging out of the trunk. When he opens it, someone comes up behind him and the scene ends. I'm sure nothing super-gross happens, though. Don't worry about it.

Oh, wait. There's a montage of creepy images. Someone's cooking up some heroin and injecting it into someone else. And they're sewing up eyelids and spraying down with resin. That's kind of gross, I guess.

To the lab! When I wasn't recapping the show, I could get away with knowing them as "Scott Thompson" and "Not Scott Thompson," but I probably have to be more professional about things now. For my own reference, the one played by Scott Thompson is Dr. Jimmy Price, and the other one is Brian Zeller. They're working on the bodies from the beaver dam. The skin is hard, because they're coated with resin. Brian says all these victims disappeared from their homes with their vehicles. And they were found with lots of heroin in their systems. Their killer wants the bodies to look alive. There are also empty eyelets, so the bodies were mounted or presented or something. They wonder how many bodies their killer kept. The next step in the investigation is to look for people who disappeared with their vehicles.

Dr. Katz is at the hospital to meet with Will. She's going behind Jack's back and has brought a file for Will to look at. It's nice that he still gets to work on cases even though the department thinks he's a serial killer. She shows him pictures of the six bodies that were found in the river, plus DMV pictures of other people who went missing in similar ways in the three neighboring states. Will considers them. Flip. Flip. Flip. Arrange. Arrange. Once he has them laid out nicely, he announces that it's a color palette.

An orderly, walking through the halls of the hospital. He brings a tray of food to Will. On this show, boring food the greatest insult. Will eats it with plastic utensils. He sees (or remembers seeing) Hannibal looming over him with a tube he slides down Will's throat. We see the tube's POV. Is Hannibal making foie gras out of Will? Hannibal sticks an ear into the tube and pokes it down into Will's stomach before he removes the tube. With the flashback over, Will starts coughing up his food and sees the ear on the tray. And then it's gone.

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